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IthilAlqua wrote:
Yes, that card sucks

Pun intended?
Myriade wrote:
You can already download "The crystal's song" which is a kind of tutorial/demo (you can find it in the "Ressources" section). This curse is about 2h long and can be print and play. You will discover the game even if the main game is much better.

You cannot play The Crystal's Song standalone - you have to own the base game.

There is a PnP demo available from the first Kickstarter campaign. It gives a decent feel for the gameplay, but it it important to note that several of the rules and mechanics have changed since then. You'll also want to download the Alpha version of the rules to match the PnP cards.
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There is an extra word in the text on the front of card 468 (A0905):

You begin to read it the text on it.
This sentence appears twice on the card; the extra word is inserted each time.

Again, just in case there is still time to correct it before the 2nd printing.
Oops, my bad. :blush: Will make greater effort to use gender-neutral pronouns on the internet.
I'm going to guess he meant "sleeve edges."
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curtisbrazil wrote:
I ordered the Rookie Pledge with a Notebook. Per the KS pledge, I was to receive in TWO shipments March and October.
But the Crowdox manager had me choose a WAVE SHIPPING SELECTION which was "Ship all at once (in 1 wave). I assumed it would be Wave one although the Crowdox doesn't actually delineate which date my wave is.

The 2nd box content wasn't slated to be done until the October shipment. How did you envision getting your product shipped before it exists?

Apologies if I don't seem sympathetic, but the Kickstarter campaign page and updates were very clear about this.

curtisbrazil wrote:
How, who, do I contact to discover when my pledge is to arrive/be fulfilled?

You are currently set to receive your pledge in Wave 2, which is now scheduled for early 2019. But lucky for you, SP has decided to reopen the pledge manager for a "wave 1.5" - you could opt for this and get the Base Box earlier, but you will have to pay an additional shipping cost for split-wave shipping.
Yes, you have the torch. The combined item "is" all of the things that make it up. So your item is not just a raft, it is a Raft Torch!

The order of the item cards in the stack doesn't ever matter, except in one case: a new item card attached to an existing item only increases the durability if it shares a keyword with the top card. For all other purposes, it doesn't matter whether an item card is on the top of the stack.
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I don't have the card in front of me, but I suspect that it is a Permanent Event. (Edit: Yep, it is.)

Effects present on Permanent Events only apply to the Terrain card(s) they are attached to, and nowhere else. If there is a permanent event with an effect (good or bad) on a particular action type, it only effects actions that are taken on a Terrain card that the Permanent Event points to.
There is a typo in the 2ed printing of the 105 cards, IDs A0484-0488.

Card back reads "You clothes are covered in blood." Should be your.

Just in case you guys want to sneak in a fix before the reprint later this year.
Some helpful text from the definitions section of the rules (page 23):

  • Discard: move an Action card (blue back) to the Discard Pile or an Adventure/Exploration card to the Past.
  • Discard Pile: the play area into which players discard Action cards (blue back).
  • Past: the play area into which players discard Adventure (green or gold back) and Exploration cards (foggy back).
  • Return: put a card back to its place in its original deck (in the Adventure Deck, sort cards by number and green cards always come before any gold cards bearing the same number).

So Adventure cards go to the Past if they are discarded, and into the Adventure Deck (e.g. i.e. in the box) if they are returned.
Is SP going to fix these two cards in the reprinted upgrade pack that was announced this morning?
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You're being pretty stubborn about this, huh?

The intent of the rules is clear, and you're going out of your way to interpret them incorrectly. I can't tell if you really have this much trouble wrapping your head around a simple concept, or if you just like arguing. Your comments here and on the BGG forums lend evidence to either scenario.

Accept the fact that either you don't get it or don't want to get it, and stop wasting everybody's time.
One error in that last post, Firebird:

Firebird wrote:
2 :7: and 1 :icon_succes_7: gives 1 :icon_succes:

Should be 2 successes.
lochcol wrote:
About :action_pray:
We prayed at the grave by the submarine and understand the mechanism to potentially move cards from the discard pile back into the active pile. Can this be done repetitively? Could you just keep praying?

Yes, you can keep repeating an action as long as it is not displayed on an attached permanent event with an :action_unavailable: symbol.

lochcol wrote:
About :move_arrow: and :action_balance:
The island with the submarine doesn't have a move icon. Does this mean that the only way off is either the submarine or swim? Related to this, I'm assuming that every single time you want to cross the balance area between the submarine area and the starting island *starting curse), you would have to 'balance' again and do the action and take the required number of cards (default 3 I believe)

There are no other terrain cards connected to that tile, so a :move_arrow: action wouldn't let you do anything - there is nowhere to move to! Therefore they left it off. Instead you can use the :action_balance: action from the permanent event, which will move you to the other side. (And yes, you have to draw cards and get the required number of successes each time you take that action.)
No. To get rid of your Bloody state card, you must take a :action_swim: action, which is represented inside a white box.

The Raft only has a brown box :action_condition: meaning that it can be applied when the corresponding action is taken. In order to use the raft, there must be something with a white box :action_empty: that lets you take the swim action.
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schleima wrote:
My figure is on card 059. There is an indicator to place a foggy backed card to the right, along with card 066. The problem is, gold permanent event card 074 is already in place, pointing back to card 132 just below it.

As pointed out on your BGG post, you've put the card in the wrong place. Card 74 should be placed south of card 132 so that the arrow points to the terrain.
I can't find an official link, but I'm fairly certain it was stated that it will be Wave 2. IIRC they had not completed the final design before Wave 1 was ready to ship.
Check your CrowdOx pledge using the confirmation email you received. There is an item on the order called "Wave Shipping Selection" that will indicate whether you selected "as soon as possible" (waves 1 and 2) or "all at once" (wave 2).
I noticed today that we apparently have 2590 topics in the General forum. :blink:

Is this left over from all those spam posts a while back? Maybe the counts are still including those for some reason?
Yes, the pledge manager is closed. Jamie posted a comment on the Kickstarter page yesterday confirming this.