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Hi Everyone

Really need your help as I am getting desperate. I've opened the chest but have no idea where to go.
I've read online to go
underground (in the jungle , right after coming from the island)
and in a rage I've cheated and looked at all possible cards and can't find one that has the same symbols as the clue.

Can you please tell me the exact location of where do i need to go or the card number?

Many thanks
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There are two possible solutions.

The easier one is

a furnace in the Jungle dungeon.
It's in the last area of the dungeon, the area past the chasm.
Terrain card 184, southeast of the crystals, with a big wheel on it.
Unfortunately the machinery is in disrepair, you have to mend it before you see your :flag_curse_sm: icon

The more secret is a
volcano crater
, only accessible from
Tribal Stool, a Local Handcrafted Item you can find in a few locations.

Dark Chest doesn't really do much to clue you into either of these solutions if you've never seen them before.
There's a little riddle that might help remind you of where you've seen the banners before, but you're basically expected to have already stumbled on them by accident in a previous curse.
Forums/ The 7th Continent/ General2 posts