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I can't find anything in the rules that would prohibit this, though I'm not sure why you would want to.
So... New curse on the forums? ;-)

At least they were kind enough to include spoiler tags on some of them.
One of the moderators answers this question in another thread:

Firebird wrote:
For those who would discover this message late and who wish to acquire The 7th Continent and its extensions:
  • The game will NOT be re-printed. (except if translated, but not on the agenda)
  • Some boxes from surplus production could be put on sale on this website, once contributors delivered and after-sales service assured.
  • On the second-hand market, you will probably find opportunities to buy a game, even before its delivery you buy the "pledge" of a contributor and wait for his box), the box of a player separating from his copy. Specialized websites and forums exist for these exchanges between people.
I'm hoping that it was found while reviewing for the second printing and will be fixed.

Side note - I'm assuming the errata document will be updated to indicate which ones were fixed in the second printing?
Yes. The fire miniature only moves if you build a fire someplace else, or if the tile is removed (either by a card effect or by saving the game).
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Eureka wrote:
Are there any plans to do a tabletop simulator release of this game?

I have good news and bad news.

The bad news first: SP has stated that there are no plans to create a digital version of the game. I suspect that extends to Tabletop Simulator as well. They could certainly change their minds, but I wouldn't expect it any time soon - they will be busy enough getting WGUMCD designed, printed, packaged, and shipped in the next year.

The good news: there is some precedent for T7C in Tabletop Simulator. This workshop for the PNP demo was created with permission from SP. IIRC, one of the reasons SP stated for not going digital was that too much of the gameplay presentation would be lost in digital form. Tabletop Simulator could be enough closer to the physical realm that SP might consider it.

I wouldn't hold your breath though. Might be time to invest in some webcams - maybe you could all tune into one person's game and let them move all the cards for you? :unsure:
Traitor is introduced in Update 6.

Immortal is introduced in Update 17.

Prodigy is introduced in Update 50.
Where did you hear that? I haven't seen anything about new languages, and based on their production schedule I don't think they will have time to translate and print a new version.
The expansion box started with a set of core content, which was expanded by the stretch goals. The original contents are listed under the "What Goes Up, Must Come Down" banner on the Kickstarter page:

It includes over 250 new cards, including two new curses, which you will have to overcome if you hope to leave the 7th Continent alive. Each one will provide a unique experience, pushing the survival skills of both novice and veteran explorers to the limit.

The stretch goals expanded the "core" expansion content with 240+ additional cards, including 3 new curses, 3 new characters, and 3 new game modes.

So if you buy the Veteran or Rookie bundle (with no optional buys), you'll get an expansion box with about 500 cards, including 5 new curses.
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Nevermind, found the answer.

Rahdo posts corrections to his videos (using the Klingon subtitles :wassat:) and he indicates that he did in fact play that incorrectly. The permanent event should stay on the board and the new terrain card should be placed on the other side.
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According to the rulebook (p19), there are some permanent events that may separate two terrain cards, and feature an action that is used to move from one side to the other.

In Rahdo's gameplay video, when he takes the action to move between two cards, he discards the permanent event card. Nothing on the card seems to indicate he should do this. Is that correct? Or should the permanent event stay in play between the two terrain cards?
Yes, the sleeves are a non-card optional buy. ;-)
frico wrote:
And it is possible, at least, receive the core box with sleeves in wave 1? And the notebook?

Yes, wave 1 includes the base box and all non-cards optional purchases.

Bruno has indicated the possibility of a delay for late pledgers, but so far everything seems to be going well. Keep your fingers crossed!
frico wrote:
I just have charged the late pledge, not the extras added in the pledge manager. This will be charged when the data of fullfiment surveys ends?

You should be charged the full value of your entire pledge before you complete the Pledge Manager. Please check the instructions (including the step-by-step guide) to make sure you have completed the pledge manager correctly.

frico wrote:
I read that the late pledge backers we will have the SG of the Black box from the 2015 KS campaign instad of the 2017 KS Campaing. Is it real? In case, there is any way to get all the SG from de 2017 KS campaign?

My understanding is that the pledges available in the Pledge Manager are identical to the ones available on the Kickstarter, stretch goals and all. Where did you read that the late pledges don't include the new stretch goals?

frico wrote:
I selected the shipment in 2 waves because I want to receive the game as soon as possible in March. There is somewhere where I could see what I’ll receive in March and what in October 2018?

It's on the Kickstarter page, under the "Shipping" section. Wave 1 (March) includes the base box and all non-cards optional purchases. Wave 2 (October) includes WGUMCD and all optional buys with cards.
BennyBroca wrote:
Hello, how will I be able to enter the pledge manager?
I was left out of the kickstarter because they were unable to process my payment.
Thank you.

Click on "Late Pledge" in the upper left corner of this website.
irsx wrote:
I really am hoping to get the game but the shipping cost way more than the game (189usd).

Yikes, that's a lot. You should probably send SP an email on that one. Either the pledge manager is not charging you correctly, or there is something odd about Brunei that makes it way more expensive to ship there.
Irrehelios wrote:
the kickstarter comment section of the game is heating pretty good...

Yeah, apparently there are a lot of people angry that shipping is going to cost exactly as much as SP said it would.

I don't get people sometimes. :getlost:
frico wrote:
I bought the Rookie one, and I want to change it to the big bundle one, with all expansions included. I tought I could in the pledge manager, but it seems I’m wrong.

You can add all the expansions on the "Extras" page. There is no difference (cost or otherwise) between buying the "Rookie + Gameplay" bundle and buying the "Rookie" pledge with the expansions as add-ons.

frico wrote:
And, just another questions. All the cardsfrom the expansions fits into the big black and white boxes?

Yes, even if sleeved.
Guys, please read the Kickstarter update before getting upset and demanding refunds.

The pledge manager has launched but not everybody will receive their email at the same time.

SP said the pledge manager emails may take 24-48 hours to be sent out. Bruno has also stated that the late backers will receive their invitation from CrowdOx once all KS backers have received theirs, so most likely early next week.
That doesn't sound right. According to the latest update and the "Step by Step" guide, you should be able to confirm your pledge level on the first screen and then select your extras on the second screen.

I didn't have any problems selecting the Survivor pledge and then adding the expansions I wanted.