The game is not available immediately, but a new Kickstarter campaign will be launched on September 26. It will be possible to obtain the base game as well as its additional contents (extensions, games accessories, etc.) from KS campaign 1 and 2.

Given the high manufacturing costs, the fact that we do not want to cut the quality of the components and the lack of visibility as to the number of people still interested in the game, a release in the retail circuit seems excluded.



The games are currently at sea in the direction of the various distribution centers where they must arrive in mid-July. Once arrived, they will be shipped in several waves - you will be informed of their shipment - according to the delivery choices made by the contributors (by default from August 28, otherwise from July 31 or as soon as they arrive at the center of distribution).


Despite all our efforts to avoid shells and errors, it is possible - given the high number of cards and their interconnections - that you spotted one that escaped us.

If this is the case, please check if this error has not already been detected in the official errata of the game. If not, please let us know by sending an e-mail from the "contact" section.


Please send us an e-mail from the "contact" section specifying what component it is and the nature of the problem encountered.


First of all, check that the card is not in the box. Each card has a unique identifier (on the back for all cards except on the Action cards - blue back - and Exploration - back fog - where the id is visible on the front). A document will soon be uploaded (in "resources") with the list of all the cards in the game.

If you can not find the missing card, send us an e-mail from the "contact" section indicating which card it is and we will send you a .pdf of the card to be printed.

  • Store the different components (cards, dividers...) in the base box, taking care not to look at the front of the Exploration (back fog) and Adventure (green or yellow back) cards,
  • Read the rules or watch the video "Set up and rules of the game"
  • Give each player a game aid,
  • Follow the placement instructions on page 9 of the rules.
  • Let's go for the adventure!

We recommend playing a single curse at a time. Once you have played all the available curses, you can play several at the same time.

The curses "An Offering to the Guardians", "The Bloody Hunt" and "The Dark Chest of the Damned" are more "adapted" to be played in parallel with other curse.


For your first game, we recommend you play against the curse of "The Voracious Goddess" (in the "easy" mode of play).


We recommend that you play the curses in the following order:

  1. The Voracious Goddess 

    Because we officially recommended it as your first quest/curse, this is the one you should most easily find information/tips/solutions about if you have difficulty solving it.
    Remember the purple flag on the Clue card!

  2. An Offering to the Guardians 

    This quest/curse may be played independently or alongside another quest/curse.
    Knowledge is power!

  3. The icy maze

    This quest that takes you to the ends of the earth puts much focus on moving.
    Get well prepared!

  4. The dark chest of the damned

    This quest/curse may be played independently or alongside another quest/curse.
    Do not lose hope ;)

  5. The forbidden sanctuary 
    Pay close attention to both sides of the Clue card.

  6. The bloody hunt 

    This quest/curse may be played independently or alongside another quest/curse. Good knowledge of the continent will make your life easier on this quest.
    Look out for the totems.

  7. Swamp of madness 

    No room for amateurs here!

Here you will find a few advice to help you (SPOILERS inside!)

  1. The Voracious Goddess
    Find the Voracious Goddess and she will “tell” you what to do. Pay attention to the purple flag on the Clue card – it is key to solve the curse.
  2. The Bloody Hunt
    Search the continent for Akecha’s totems and make sure to be well-prepared before you flush out your (sometimes well “hidden”) prey.
  3. An Offering to the Guardians
    Look out for paved roads, pray to statues and keep in mind that knowledge is power!
  4. The Dark Chest of the Damned
    Arm yourself with the proper Items/Skills/Advanced Skills to open the chest.
  5. The Icy Maze
    Always keep going more north and build up supplies along the way.
  6. The Forbidden Sanctuary
    Follow the wind (it blows on certain Terrain cards) and make sure to gain “050” cards (see the back of the Clue card), especially by using your “Examine the notes” Skill.
  7. Swamp of madness
    Get heavily prepared or else you’re just doomed!

Some numbers are not used in the game, even with the extensions. Here are the unused numbers:
042, 550, 559, 560, 562, 570, 572, 576, 578, 583, 585, 586, 587, 589, 590, 599, 600, 667 to 776, 778 and beyond.

So it is normal to have no card between 041 and 043 cards for example.

Any doubt, you can check the forum and/or directly contact us.