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For those who did not participate in the Kickstarter or "Late Pledge":

The Pledge Manager is open.

Click on "Late Pledge" in the top left corner of the site for access.
According to this post, yes:

Kamille wrote:

When the late pledge will be over, there will be a link on this site (instead of Late Pledge on the top left) and also on Kickstarter that will allow you to access the Pledge Manager, as promised.

So do not worry as everyone will be able to access the Pledge Manager :-)
Falco20019 wrote:
Do you like this for personal record keeping or for showing off online?

Some of both. Having it on the forums would be for more than just showing off - it could be useful for providing context to other forum members about experience with the game. I might respond differently to a question from somebody who has completed 3 curses than somebody who only has 1 hour of gameplay experience. (For instance, I would try to answer questions from newbies with as few spoilers as possible.)
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And for those of us that are waiting for the open pledge manager? Sometime next week as well?

Also, any comment on the possibility of shipping being delayed for those doing Late Pledge or waiting for the open pledge manager?
The Rookie pledge does not come with the Explorer expansions. They will be optional buys in the pledge manager.
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Late pledges are not connected to Kickstarter in any way. Your Kickstarter account will not show it as one of your active projects, and you wouldn't have gotten the survey since it was sent via Kickstarter.

None of the above will affect your ability to get into the Pledge Manager. It will be open for a month (more or less) so as long as you check this website periodically you won't miss it.
I love the idea of "finished curse" icons below the avatars. Maybe it could show all the curses "grayed out" and then show the ones that are completed in color? If you do that, it would be nice to have an option to select the curses that you own. That way you can see that person A has completed 2/4 curses (since they only own the base game) and person B has completed 4/7 curses (since they own 3 curse expansions as well.) Then we can each work toward coloring in all of our curse icons. :-)

For the detailed game info, I would recommend keeping things simple and then having a "notes" column where people can track additional things if they want. Personally, I would start with the following:

  • Game ID - could be just a number or a text field for more descriptive naming
  • Curse(s)
  • Number of sessions
  • Total play time
  • Status - either Completed :icon_succes:, Failed :icon_curse:, or In Progress :icon_hand_blue:
  • Notes

If you wanted to get really fancy, you could also design a "nested" table for each Game that has information about each session:

  • Session Number
  • Number of players (since this may vary between sessions)
  • Play time for that session
  • Maybe other stats like size of the action deck, number of cards on the board, etc. to give a sense of how the game is going so far

And definitely don't include anything in that table that constitutes spoilers of any kind. Even if it's in a spoiler tag, I'll have to reveal the spoiler to know what I'm supposed to be tracking there. If people want to track spoiler-esque details, they can do it in the Notes column and use spoiler tags as appropriate.
In this post yesterday, Bruno indicated the pledge manager will (hopefully) be open by the end of the week.
In Update #29 of the first Kickstarter, there is a link to download the cartographer's notebook PDF in letter size. The link is no longer working.

Can that be made available on the downloads page?
It's only the beginning of the end of November...

I've seen several users that have created signatures like this:

:resource_fire: : 9 (19h), :icon_curse: : 0, :flag_curse_sm: : 1/1

or this:

:icon_journal:0 HOURS :resource_fire:0 SESSIONS
:flag_curse_sm: :icon_succes:0 :icon_curse:0

What do you think of adding this kind of "player history" as a part of the forum profile? It could be displayed when viewing a user's profile, or even as a set of small icons underneath their avatar in forum posts. It could be a great way to track/brag about our accomplishments! It might also be useful for providing some context on how much a user has played the game so that answers can be phrased accordingly.
It sounds like the first Kickstarter backers got the best scenario, in that they got to play the game from the beginning with many of the optional buys, like weather, devourers, Icy Maze, etc.

Well sure, but they had to wait for the entire game to be designed, printed, and shipped. If SP did the same thing this time around, nobody would get anything until wave 2. They're taking advantage of the fact that the base game is already done in order to ship the base game earlier. You only have to wait a few months to get the base game - the first Kickstarter backers had to wait upwards of a year.

There's also the issue of Chinese New Year, which shuts down factory production in China for about a month. It would not be possible to get the base set and the first round of expansions printed before then.

If you really want to play with all the expansions from the get-go, there will be an option in the Pledge Manager to delay shipping of the base set until wave 2.
From Update 57:

We want the Pledge Manager to be as solid as possible before launching and taking some more time to ensure everything goes smoothly at this stage may save us all a LOT of hassle down the line.

This is why we will be delaying the launch until the end of November.
If I'm playing with one curse, the rules state to put that curse card, plus the 4 "Death is Lurking" cards into the Action deck. That makes 5 curse cards total.

If I decide to play with two curses, do I still put all 4 "Death is Lurking" cards in, for a total of 6 curse cards? Or do I put in only 3 "Death is Lurking" cards so that there is still a total of 5 curse cards in the Action deck? The rules seem to indicate the former, but I'm not sure whether that was the intention.
Kamille wrote:

When the late pledge will be over, there will be a link on this site (instead of Late Pledge on the top left) and also on Kickstarter that will allow you to access the Pledge Manager, as promised.

So do not worry as everyone will be able to access the Pledge Manager :-)

Sorry if I'm being a bit thick here...

Does "everybody" include those who missed the Kickstarter and don't do a late pledge?

I ask because I am interested in purchasing the 2nd edition base box (i.e. "Survivor" level), which is not available in late pledge. I had an email exchange with Bruno last week where he indicated that the "Survivor" level might be available in the Pledge Manager. So I'd prefer to wait and see what the options are in the pledge manager, but I don't want to miss my shot at getting the game at all.