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I'd like to announce...

Lost & Found
Unofficial fan-made print-and-play mini-expansion for The 7th Continent

Many things and even more people got lost on the 7th continent.
Some want to be found, some do not, and some should not.

Ready for download here.

The expansion contains 1 rules and 92 cards:
  • 1 Clue card for the new “The Lost Artefact” curse
  • 1 “Book of Idols” card
  • 90 Blue Adventure Cards, forming the separate Blue Adventure Deck

Main features
  • New "The Lost Artefact" curse. :icon_curse: It's a medium length curse (~10 hours), with multiple parallel objectives. Can be combined with any other curses.
  • "Book of Idols" card. :icon_journal: Can be added even when not playing with the new curse - in the same way, you would add the "Pocket Watch" from the "Path Of Repentance" expansion.
  • No cards from this expansion are ever shuffled with the original cards (so you don’t have to worry about matching card backs etc.)

See Readme and the rules card for more details.

If you have spotted any typos or have any feedback, feel free to send me a PM.
Very excited! I'm printing this up right away. Thanks again for all your hard work.
BTW, a french translation of this fan made extension is on it's way!
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Thanks Dill for your extension. I'm waiting the translation in french to play it. :thumb_up:
Just printed this in color and I’m excited to try it out soon. To clarify, is this curse designed to have one less curse card? I know one isn’t included because it would stand out, but it could be substituted for a curse card belonging to a curse not in use, which is what I did when playing the Print and Play intro curse. It looks great, thanks for making and sharing this!
Dill has confirmed that it is meant to be played without an extra curse card. I played it through with a proxy curse card and it worked just fine. It's all a question of how difficult you want your game to be.
Yes it's designed to be played with 1 less curse card - but that's not a balancing decision. A new cure card would stand out, as you say. I hope you'll enjoy it.
Its easy enough to make a curse card that won't stand out by printing it on regular thin paper and putting it in a sleeve with one of the curses you aren't playing.... Of course, that isn't the only hard thing about including a curse, you'd also have to come up with art for it.
Version 1.3 uploaded, see Errata (added missing banish on 1 relatively rare card)
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