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I agree with Brisingre. I understand what you mean by logical adjacency, but the game does not use that concept. The only adjacency is the physical grid adjacency.
There are some new states in WGUMCD, card numbers
750, 800
I decided to sleeve 777 and 888 modes, so they are easy to find. I got my game yesterday, already done with sleaving :whistling:
I also sleeve other minor groups, as a matter of personal preference
30, 49, 91, 97, 172, 310, 333, 450, 463
and some bigger but arguably not-so-frequently used ones
350, 500

As for the original topic - I'm really looking forward to the new
91, 172, 310
cards (and roots and other stuff of course ...)
What if there is already a root figure on your terrain AND you use Mastery?

Studying the action resolution order, there is only one interpretation, I believe:
3. Result step - you check for figures - there is one the action immediately fails
4. Skill step - the action failed so Mastery does nothing

Conclusion: don't forget that the Mastery shuffle-back happens at the Skill step, not Result step.
It should be pointed out that the original action will not fail - as the "is the figure present" check is done "when revealed" and the figures are placed only later during the Consequence step.

Also, what's interesting is that you can end up placing those two figures on two different terrain cards if the action consequence contains :move_arrow: and you choose to place one root before and the other after the movement.

It may be a good idea to create a separate FAQ tab for the new expansions (or just Flying Roots), so these things are easy to find/reference.
All I know is that these 2 were not included in the upgrade pack delivered in the wave 1 (with the size issue). Still waiting for the wave 2.
Good to know, thanks. Definitely a FAQ candidate ...
Whether he means the satchel or banished or past (because you could store the past and return (and sort) it on the beginning of the next play), I don't think it really matters.

When you pack the game you always have the same amount of cards to pack (i.e. all of them) :angel:

As for the actual questions:
A) no
B) I don't have them all sleeved but maybe you could use a mini-expansion box to store some extra cards out of the trays. For example, once you have played Crystal Song you could put those crystal fog cards away if space is the problem.
The order of green cards does not matter, in general:
The cards of the same number and the same colour should be always drawn randomly.
You can either shuffle them when merging the expansion decks into the base game - or you can shuffle them each time you draw.
These should be cards with blue backs :card_blue: (as shown in the rulebook). Are you missing them?
It works for me.
DoctorNny wrote:
Files link is 404.

I'm trying now and the link in the first post works for me.
(I made sure I was not logged to my google account, still works)
The "What Goes Up, Must Come Down" will be available after the KS2 shipping is done, I guess, in order not to spoil the surprise.

Side note: I really liked the non-glossy version of the original rulebook :angel:
As for the hidden numbers on non-terrain cards, there are a few :card_grey: cards with them.
Also some "bridge" cards have hidden numbers. All of those are usually quite helpful if spotted.
Keep looking :ninja:.
... which implies there are some unexpected mind-bending secrets in there :ninja:
As the expansions are being distributed already, will there be a downloadable rulebook to shorten the wait?
Pretty please? :-)
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Updated card list is available in the Downloads section.
You can find out interesting things by looking at it.
Of course, if you don't want to know anything, don't read this.

First some non-spoilery stuff:
  • Numbered cards range from 000 to 999
  • No number is missing between 000-914 (hooray for no gaps)
  • There are only 4 cards between 915-999 (including the 999 itself, which must be something horrible :-))

Now let's look at the numbers that are present in WGUMCD and also in the base game.
There are more of some well-known numbers, to increase variability.
Then there are duplicates of several
terrain cards all around the continent.
These are probably not alternative cards but
white "cloud" cards used to land your balloon on the original terrain.
(not a spoiler if you followed the KS2 campaign)

There is one more thing I noticed which I cannot interpret, but still consider quite a spoiler:
The "The End" card for each existing curse seems to have an alternate (?) version in WGUMCD !:ninja:
Yes, the french version is ready (but the 2-sided version was still in english by mistake - I'll upload the corrected version later today)
Arnaud and the others did a good job (see full credits in the english Readme)
Hi, I'm glad you enjoy the expansion.
To answer your question: No it is supposed to be the harder way.
(I have never considered the other interpretation but it makes sense too.)
You need to find at least 4 unique Terrain cards that contain seagulls/penguins.
Version 1.3 uploaded, see Errata (added missing banish on 1 relatively rare card)
Yes it's designed to be played with 1 less curse card - but that's not a balancing decision. A new cure card would stand out, as you say. I hope you'll enjoy it.