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have you been to the surface before?
If so it’s easy to come back, if not you should find the start point of your adventure.
It’s likely that you need to do the ride again.
Are you still interested?
PM me
In my first game I bought nearly all advanced skills and used a lot of them many times before it was over.
Sure not all curses take that long, but still you should have enough time, to be able to use them to some extinct
As the german Version for the Classic Edition was announced, is there any way any other stuff is coming in German?
Also interesting, if the 7th Citatel will have some German version?
Thanks a lot for providing an official response
The rules are clear, I can’t understand having such an irrational resistance to understanding the rules.
jhaelen wrote:
JackSpirio wrote:
Yes and yes
I'd expect that second yes to be followed by a rules reference...

Oh, wait, coming from you that's of course unnecessary! ;-)

Yes, because I sleep on my rule book *facepalm*
Yes, we need rules, but we have them and they are enough to solve this problem
Yes and yes
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Without such a rule, 2 pieces of rules text on the same card will either both apply or neither will apply.
Anything else is strictly against the rules.
Show me this rule
Answer you can’t.

Note: A rule that states "during the Results step" is text that applies at all times, not just during the results step.
Such text does exclude text that follows from being followed at other times, but does not exclude text before it from being followed during the results step.

Which text is normally applied during the Result step?
So why should a phrase which enables a sentence to apply at this point (like when drawn during the result step of an action) enable the whole card?
It enables everything which comes free it, but it does not include the text before it from being followed during the result step.

And yes, as card Text override rules, the rule it enable the Text, can be in the text itself.
There is nothing in the rules to prevent this.
It if there is show me this in the rules (of T7C, not of some other game)
Again, you make up your own rules and tell me that these are the rules.
They are not (see I can write bold too)
The card tells you what to do, this is what the rules tell you. Why do you have such a big problem with that?
You don’t need these errata as this is the only explanation that makes sense in the game.
Was that so hard?
Only your own rules break the card.
Where in the rules does it state that all text must always apply?
Just because you post the same thing over and over (with way too many lines) it doesn’t make it true.
Who gave you the right to universally define how games have to work?
Your logical fault is to think that things have to behave in only these two ways, which is completely wrong.
There is nothing that prevents a card from having only part active (the one that tells you that it is active).
Just because one person doesn’t understand the way the card is played, doesn’t mean it isn’t clear.
There are tons of players who don’t understand rules, but that isn’t always the rules fault.
It works perfectly for card 180
If you would do what it says, namely following the if revealed during the consequence step and applying it.
If you thought about that for a second you would realize that you've just created a paradoxon. If I have to read the text in order to find out if the text is to be read, then the text must always be read. Yo can't have it both ways. Either, the text is considered to be blank during the Result step of an action or not.
If the rules were amended to say that the text is to be ignored, then they'd have to introduce a new type of icon to be placed in the left border to signify that the card is supposed to be an exception with a text that isn't ignored.
It makes no sense to put an exception where it will always be ignored. That simply cannot work.
no it is not.
You are overcomplicating it.
It definitely can work as it uses a key phrase which tells you to do something when drawn under these circumstances.
The text is always there, it isn’t just gone because it can be ignored. This wouldn’t work as the cards are not changeable.
So you can always find this key phrase and do what it says, there is no problem with that.
kriticizmas wrote:
I think, Jackspirio, this list is incomplete and based on id number instead of card number... It would be much easier if someone just checked their game and informed me. :]

Nope the list has everything in it, and you can even sort it for yourself (like for card numbers)
Yeah, it is pretty clear, he just likes to troll