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I faced it with Experience Point cards, but may be applicable for other sets as well.

I already had all six green experience point cards under the Satchel&Journal, the Game had me to take three Experience Point cards so I draw three yellow at once.
Every yellow 003 card says "return all 6 green cards...", I had three yellow cards on the table and all green under the Satchel&Journal. In this situation one is supposed to:
1. Take only one yellow card and resolve it, that means return all six green cards. Than take second card (green this time since returned) and take third card (green as well). One have 9 Experience Points after.
2. Take three yellow 003 cards, resove firts one and keep another two yellow cards unable to resolve since all green cards are returned after first card resolution. One have 21 Experience Points after.

I took resolution 1. since assumed the Game is not that generous ;) but is there a rule that apply to such situation? The rule to resolve cards left to right as a text introduce them is not applicable since you draw three cards instantly with single text point "take three...". I faced it with Experience Point cards, but as mentioned at the beginning, it may be aplicable to other card sets as well.
You draw cards one at a time, so you played correctly. Sorry.
I introduced one additional rule: any doubts should benefit the Game, you do not take advantage of the Game, ever ;)
Yeah, generally, if something seems too good to be true, it is/
It had the same issue in the French part of the forum, and the answer provided was:
When you draw x cards, you In fact, draw one and apply it then draw another and apply it... And so on :-)
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When you draw x cards, you In fact, draw one and apply it then draw another and apply it... And so on

... with some exceptions, such as hunting or "draw X cards, keep one and return the others" situations
What happens when you draw multiple hunting cards with the same number?
I mean, if I need to draw multiple hunting cards, should I just draw them in the order they are settled in the box, or should I shuffle them before drawing?

For example, after a hunting the game says to me to draw
three 150 cards
, how should I draw them? And, in case I should draw again
three 150 cards
, should I shuffle them all, or just draw sequentially as they are settled in the box, according to the little white number at the bottom that orders the cards in the box?
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When it says to take a numbered :card_pick:card it means to take a random card of that number -- a random green if it exists, otherwise a random gold.

You don't necessarily have to take the 150s out and shuffle them every time, though. When I take a 150 I just grab one from somewhere in the 150s, and when I return one I just jam it anywhere in the 150s. I give them a good shuffle every so often, mostly when I'm drawing or returning large numbers at once, just because that's when it feels most natural to shuffle them. This is not quite as random as shuffling them every time but for a co-op game I think it's perfectly sufficient.

You should probably shuffle everything for a while if you're just getting started, I don't know if the 150s come out of the shrink wrap in a random-ish order or if they have, e.g. all the empty handeds clumped together, and I wouldn't want to risk it.
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