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This was asked on the BGG forums but not many people have their copies yet, so I would like to ask SP or someone who has played. How does the PNP link with the game?
Specifically, in the PNP we saw the following:
1. There was a small island made of two cards, does that island appear in the game?
2. There were three possible ways to get off the island, leading to Landing Site #1, #2 or #3; do they correspond to a location in the game?
3. There was an item (bottle of whiskey) to use on cards 152 or 389, is that still a thing? i.e. can we assume we have that card as a bonus at the start of our game if we played the PNP? Or can we find the bottle of whiskey elsewhere on the continent?

Also there was a longer demo sent to reviewers (if I recall correctly from Rahdo's runthrough). Was that longer demo folded into the game, or is it a separate thing? I'm talking about
the island with the submarine.