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Greetings all,

I am attempting to sort out a question that has my group up in arms defending their points.

The argument In brief: Can I use the Craft action on an Item card (meaning in my inventory) to combine it with another Item? We understand that we can't "recraft" an item to reset it's durability.

At length:
I would like to take the Craft action.
I am allowed to take an action (white square) shown on an item card.
Item cards (that used to be skill cards) show the Craft action white square.
None of the notes about "actions cannot be taken if:" apply to my understanding.
When I take said action, I reduce the Cost if I have the resources called for.
Either way...
" Once the craft action has been successfully performed, the active player may:
---* create a new item by adding the Item card to their inventory and placing a die on it, that show the face matching the initial durability of the item;
---* or combine the Item card with an existing item in their inventory;
---* or give this card to another player who was involved in the action, so that this player takes one of the two options above.

The first option isn't possible, because the item is already in my inventory and is not new.
Taking the second option allows my two inventory items to combine. (and add their durability if their key words match up to a maximum of 6 or the sum of the pips on their dice, which ever is lower)
The third option would allow another player to combine it with one of their own items as option 2, but I don't think it could become a new item as per option 1 since it is already an item.

The counter argument: I can only take the Craft action from a skill card (in my hand), because the Craft action "enables you to turn that Skill card from your hand into an Item card", which implies that ONLY Skill cards allow the Craft action. Also, "...during the Cost step of the Craft action by -X as shown on the Skill card..." also implies that resource reduction is only on skill cards.

I hope this makes the arguments clear.
Thank you in advance for your feed back and help.
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Hello :-)
And welcome on this forum !

You must see a "crafting card" as 2 differents cards, according to the playzone where the card is :
  1. The blue part at the top, with the :action_craft: action and its consequence :white_box:+:icon_d6:.
  2. The bottom part, under the name of the item, with its effects.

Once you had crafted from your hand :icon_hand_blue: to your Inventory :icon_d6:, the 1st part is inaccessible.
You can only use the effects of the item* : triggers :action_condition: and actions :action_empty: under the name of the Item.
Eventually, if you find another :action_craft: Craft action in this part of the card, you maybe recraft the item... but I never see this case in game !

* This is the error in your argumentation.
You said "I am allowed to take an action (white square) shown on an item card."
But the rule p.21 say :

Is that convincing enough? ;-)
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