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I have a question about the card #096 in combination with card #245.

I found the whiskey bottle and drink it up. Then I had to banish this card and must take the card #096 (empty bottle). Now I have this empty bottle in my inventory. On the green card # 245, I fill it up with the hazardous substance. Because I have the empty bottle I can take the card #260.
What I have to do with the empty bottle?

1. The empty bottle rest in the inventory.
2. The empty bottle goes to the banished cards, because I used the bottle symbole on it. (I didn't used the abilities on it --> music/sword)

Thanks for your help!
Could you please add some context before your spoiler tag ?
With a card number for example, or with the concerned area :card_grey:.

Thank you :-)
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I'm pretty sure it's option (2) since you use the item.
Think about it: you had a bottle and you filled it, that means you no longer have an empty bottle. :)
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