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I now have the German version of The 7th Continent and wanted to start with the introductory curse song of the crystal. When building the scenario, however, one thing is a little unclear to me. In fact: Do I place one of the Kristal discovery cards on the terrain card (009) at the beginning or only the one with the Roman I.?

Some "Youtube explaners" only do this with the next new terrain map. I quote a playthrough game round from Pegasus "I suspect from the 2nd terrain card onwards the crystal discovery card comes at one of the arrow branches." With "Tom Teaches the 7th Continent", he does it right at the beginning of the grid (009). Another "7th Continent Solo" first places a Roman I explorer card on all of them in order to discard one of them onto the past pile by throwing a die at random and replace it with a crystal explorer card. I'm confused.

Since I like to cook according to a recipe;) I would like to know the true, original intention or idea of ​​the author. ;)

So my question: Do I immediately place a crystal discovery card on one of the 3 branches "Roman I" from map (009) or only from the next new terrain card with branch arrows?
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Hello :-)
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I think that the clue is clear enough ;-)
(Note: this picture is from the old Print'n'Play version of the Crystal's Song but it seems nothing change in the final version)

- You start the game with the Clue card.
- The clue card explains what happens when you put a Terrain card into play, just at the moment of you're first Terrain card enter into play.
==> You apply the new rule : Use 1 Crystal Exploration card. :card_grey:
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Many thanks for the quick response.

Thanks for the clarification, sounds logical.

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