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Why the three card shoes in the box? All the new cards fit basically in one. I almost thought I was missing a bunch of cards when I opened it.
So everything fits comfortably sleeved.
Yesterday, I ordered the contents of my boxes. Maybe the result may interest some of you?
There's no spoiler but I prefer to put a tag on my pics in case of very strong allergy ;-)

So, let's start with the context:

  • I have all the existing contents except:
    - Fear the devourers
    - Facing the elements
    - bone dice
    - the notebook
  • I only sleeve the essential : action deck, and some recurring mix cards (hunting, treasure, ...)

I store my playmat in a roll and I use the brown box to store empty boxes (good player refuses to throw ^^). It does not close perfectly (a few millimeters), but it remains in a hidden corner of my game library so ...

Then here is my black box:
- The figurines of characters, the rules (signed <3) and my notes (printed according to the model of SaturNitrik)
- Card shoe #1: Curses and clues; Skills (basic ones are in my backup); Exploration (not sleeved); (and temporarily in front, a small package that I have to protect and replace later)
- Card shoe #2: Backup (and my dice for the solo); Cards 000 to 108 (with SaturNitrik dividers (still!) used with sleeved states)
- Card shoe #3: Cards 109 to 359

Let's continue with the white box!
First, here is what happens in the opening when everything is tidy.

- Card shoe #4: Cards 400 to 759
- Card shoe #5: Cards 800 to 999; Banished Cards and Past; the magnifying glass as a separator; some notices, old errata cards ...; The fan-made extension Lost & Found (PnP).
- Card shoe #6: Standees, dice, pen / eraser; Nacelle and barge; and the figurines of the plants in the cardboard support next to it.
- Over the card shoe #6 and the figs: The game aids (protecting figs); the discard and action deck dispensers (disassemble / reassemble does not bother me); the notebook.

As a bonus, my boxes in my library !

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I think the Card Shoes are needed if you have all of your cards sleeved. BUT!!! if anyone has a Card Shoe to spare I could certainly use one.

IthilAlqua wrote:
So everything fits comfortably sleeved.

Well everything fit, but it is very tight. That's why I'm looking for an extra Card Shoe.
I have all the adventure cards in one box, makes searching through them easier
The rest is in the other box, but you need that only sometimes (I always grab the whole bundle of exploration cards at the same time)
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