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I flipped over the Leech Exploration Card. I had it placed next to card 086 at the left side (VII 112).

I don't have a Cure / Health item, so don't want to deal with the Leech right now.

Can I just add it to my inventory and deal with it later? If yes, do I assume correctly that I would replace it with card 112 now, and once I dealt with the Leech, I swap out card 112 with card 191?
The leech card A0249 :

As you see, there is a :icon_hand_orange: Red hand icon, so this card must be kept in your hand (no limit for the red hand cards).
2 consequences :
- The exploration card let the space free for the Terran card (as the :exploration_into_adventure: symbol show you).
- Later, if you draw a card this the :discard: symbol, you must discard X cards from your Action Deck, with X egal to the number of your :icon_hand_orange: card (included the Leech and your chararter card !). ==> this is why you don't want to fail the :action_heal: action for example. ;-)
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Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Card effect2 posts