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I don t understand the use of state cards. The action are written in white colour. That means for me that we can do the action as soon as we want. No need to wait for other cards or exploration cards. So it seems very easy to erase state cards ( tired,... ) . Is it correct ?for exemple: tired cards has go this icon: <img src=" class="forum_smileys"/> in white color
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You are right: you can play an action from the turn following the one in which you received the State card.
But :
  • When you draw the State card , you can suffer a penalty (symbol :discard:).
  • Succeeding in the action costs energy (ex <img src=" class="forum_smileys"/>0+:card_blue:/2<img src=" class="forum_smileys"/>)
  • You must first finish the current action before attempting to remove the state. However, you may be asked to draw a new state immediately afterwards, for which the number of Red Hands :icon_hand_orange: will have increased.

(If you are playing with several players, don't forget to take a 100 Card during a failure with several participants)
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