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Is it allowed to take an action that would place a fire token down on a space when there's one there already?
I can't find anything in the rules that would prohibit this, though I'm not sure why you would want to.
I can think of three reasons. Say you have
repaired the camp
and made a fire there, then you have the
advanced skill card dextrous, and have built a woven cord item
you might want to use that item on the spot that gives the discount.

Secondly, you might want to use a fire creation item such that it discards from a full stack in order to make room for something else.

And finally there's a pretty game breaking exploit if you're patient. Once you have
2 of the 3 Fortiflore botany cards
and you're on an appropriate area
with that plant
Here's how it works
Use the Action on one of the cards to draw one card to make a fire, if you like the card, great! Keep it. If not, use the other botany card ability to shuffle it back into the deck. Then repeat.

If you can be bothered, you can use this
to pick whichever cards you want out of the deck.
I'm not familiar with that card yet (I've only played half a session) but this may violate the rule that you must finish one action before starting another. The key would be if using the second card counts as interrupting an action in process (e.g. using the first card).
Would love to hear feedback from a moderator/creator on this one as I just noticed this exploit myself. Was this intended by the developers?

If allowed,
I wouldn't bother with the endless shuffling and just take the card(s) I want from the action deck, but that feels too broken. (I play solo.)

Another mild exploit with Victor Frankenstein I've used is:
Have Frankenstein's Monster and the Skill card in hand that gives +2 stars to Rest. At a camp with 0+/2 for Resting, you can repeat over and over and draw any Advanced Skill cards you want. Rather than shuffle and deal 100 times, I just take the cards I want from that deck. Suffice to say, I only did that once and wasn't in love with how the game went, so an easy option for me is to not play that character.

To be more specific, for this you need cards:
A0394 & A0383, both 050 cards for Fortiflore bonus.

A possible fix is to:
Add "The following action can only be taken if there is not a fire figure on your tile." This still allows you to make it once if there is fire resource. You could still save and reset over and over, but imo Saving requires actually packing up the game, so it would be labor intensive and also clears out the whole map, so you can load up on cards and then Hunt or go on a quest.

I may just add this rule myself to avoid breaking the game.
For the Frankenstein one, remember that the skill card that gives +2 stars is discarded after use, so you can't just chain it.
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Nothing in the rule prevents that.

Besides, especially in a coop game, if you want to break down your pleasure with the game by breaking it... then that's your call. Note that you're never forced to seek every possibility to break it, but just play with what is "logical" :).

But I disagree with the the auto picked card. It is very different to fight against the odds a million time to get the card you want than just pick it. Doing this, you're cheating and not respecting the rules. If you want to exploit the fire case ok but let's play it fair, drawing again and again until getting the card you want. It is very boring but this is why this is not too breaky, because you just can't support doing that for just one card you're maybe never see this way :).
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I asked the author :
BrunoS wrote:
Nothing forbids to redo a fire where there is already one.

He didn't rule on a possible exploit problem, so I suppose there's no problem.
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Thanks Firebird. Appreciate the response.

I'll definitely reconsider my stance on actually drawing cards or not for the make fire exploit. I died anyway last night and was never able to even consider using it, for what it's worth. Definitely could come in handy with a low Action deck but you know a critical card is sitting in there like Remember or Bolas.

Personally, I really enjoy finding cleaver things do in games and am usually very careful with the rules as written. Exploit or cleaver strategy is a matter of opinion. Thanks for talking me down though, this fire thing felt like an exploit, but now I'm convinced that it's legit if you put in the time. Maybe doing a few draws every time I pass through in that situation would be worth the extra shot at luck, for example.

I'll double check Frankenstein, it's quite possible I misread the card and was playing wrong. The more I play the more thing I find that I have done wrong, some in my favor and others against. Loving the game so far and exploring the world. I was laughing so hard when I found and used the
card last night while working on VG.
For Frankenstein's cards, the -2 :card_blue: is a passive ability, but the 2 :icon_succes: one is not. It's a common mistake for people to read the first one they see carefully, then assume the other one is the same when it's not.
I really think this rule should be implemented.
Botanist in training
feels totally broken with this allowed. You can literally pick your perfect hand from the discard pile if the Will Remember is in there.
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