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As absurd as this discussion is, I do wish Bruno or Firebird would just come and say something like "Of course it doesn't go back in the deck every time you use it".

Can someone ask on the French forum?
I think you just get to keep 2 cards from the original draw.
I play the strict way, the worms aren't much of a threat otherwise. I also consider getting in the balloon to be banned too.
That's 2 answers, both with thematic rational behind them, and both I agree could be correct. Would be nice to get it confirmed!
Once the Flying Roots sidequest is "completed" you gain the ability to
Ignore a flying root on your terrain card when drawing a card during the results step

If I choose to do this, can I still use
The 7star brown icon on the earlier flying roots reward? Or is the Mini considered "not there" because I ignored it.
It seems to me that the answer given in this thread is correct, and that's how I've played it. But there's been a discussion on BGG about this card and I was just wondering if the designers have ever confirmed that the "Shuffle this card back into action deck" only applies on the first draw?
As soon as you get the Spike Trap, the combo is live again though. Basically unlimited free durability at the cost of keeping one card in hand. Still way overpowered. Bruno's proper nerf for me.
I think you're right in how to resolve it, there's a bit in a specific curse
The Icy Maze
where having 2 different green numbers pointing at the same exploration square is by design, and I personally resolved it the way you said. Whichever terrain tile I explored from, I used that number. Makes sense.

The thing is with this one, it doesn't feel like this was intended behaviour. It feels weird that you can go through all the story of
pulling the ring
without knowing what it does, exploring around the area, then ominously finding the result of of your choice.

But then being able to completely bypass it by walking into the room via slightly different route.

It feels to me the action that banishes the green terrain card to the south of where the
appears, should also banish a green terrain card to the east of it, then there should be a gold copy of that too. So there's no avoiding anything once you've made your choice!
The point is if you choose not to flip the exploration card
north from the gold 446
and instead wait until you've done a path aroundgoing east, north, west. Only then flip the card, and you'll have 2 choices of green card to play, which feels like a mistake.
That was pretty much the phrasing I came up with on bgg :)

eg. Choose a card from the discard pile, then discard a card from an item to place it into your hand.
That sounds way less powerful, I approve!
Fingers crossed for an official ruling on this!

Firebird? Any chance?
Figured as much, thanks.
For example, when using
the tribal stool
you get a result which is Put a XXX or a YYY or a ZZZ card into play (the active player chooses).

Do I just have to pick one and go with it, or can I look at the cards before choosing?
This ability is actually insane. I'm now running with 3 stacks all with an aggressive keyword on top, and just bouncing the war paint around them every time I run into a leaf. It's so overpowered haha! Refreshing the walking stick stack has never been easier!
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On the back of the gold version of card 764 there is a
blue banner :flag_blue_sm: with a Snake

But the card text says:
If there is a :flag_blue_sm: card under the satchel & journal card...

I don't have that, but I do have it
In my inventory, as part of an item stack

Surely that's what was meant...?

I find it hard to believe what I have isn't right! Feels to me the text has been cut and pasted from Purple banner text
I've already discarded it back
into the 350s
and don't want to spoil myself finding it again, but it was something like

Draw 6 advance skill cards, you may then spend X experience to purchase one of these where X is the cost in the :experience:

It was really wordy, and strangely specific.

The text on the sidequests does seem to suggest they always apply though, that's the way I played it. Glad someone agrees that's right!
Do the discounts obtained from
only apply when taking a

Or can I apply them when using the
350 card: Encyclopaedia?

Good to know. Thanks!
Don't need to build the second one, can just discard the war paint to draw it, then discard the
Spike Trap
to draw the war paint back. Then build and the loop is ready. Does require the other card to be in outside of the action deck though.