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I'm well into my second try on the voracious goddess and wow, I love it. You always have those things happening all over the place. I just wondered: is the other curses as good, or is there times when you're just
walking, hunting, walking, hunting
without anything interesting happening?

Thankful for answers!

Amazing game, looking forward to play the next curses and the new game!
I think the other curses are good, opinions are split on some. Offering of the Guardians is considered by some repetitive and kind of dull, Dark Chest of the Damned requires pretty good knowledge about the continent's geography and can be frustrating of you don't "get" the clues quickly, Bloody Hunt is pretty well liked. My two favorite curses are expansion curses, Swamp of Madness and Forbidden Sanctuary. You will know more about the continent so there's less exploring and aimless wandering.
Thanks you!

I don't have any expansions so I will have to go with the ones from the base game. Guess I will learn about the geography after a few tries.
A popular suggestion is combining Dark Chest of the Damned with Offering to the Guardians, you could try that.
Should I do them first one by one or can I just jump into both of them without any knowledge?
Like I said, I enjoyed them individually, but a popular suggestion is for the second game (after VG) being Offering+Dark Chest, without trying them separately. So far my best run has been the combined 7 curse run, combining curses is really fun.
Depends on how you think about it I guess.

From a certain point of view, walking and hunting and walking and hunting is all you ever do. Curses give you a series of little objectives where you have to collect stuff from one corner of the map and bring it to another corner, or you have to save up for a difficult action, but they're all relatively small variations on "wander the island and try to survive." They encourage you to wander to different places, some give your wanderings more direction, others less so, but they don't really change anything fundamental about the island or what you do there. They share some points of interest, too, and the base game island isn't gigantic -- you'll visit a lot of the same places on your next three curses that you visited on your first one, either as part of an objective or just on your way from one objective to the next.

Each curse only has about 20-30 cards dedicated to it alone. The other 900 or so are shared between all 4. 99% of the interesting stuff happening all the time isn't because of Goddess, it's just part of the island. It takes most people like a curse and a half or two curses to fully explore the island, at which point the game becomes more about optimization. Once you know where everything is, all four of the base game curses are pretty simple/easy, and the most fun way to play is with all 4 of them.

Expansion curses are different. A lot of those take you to whole new areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

Some of the curses are more interesting than others, though.

Offering to the Guardians
Offering gives you almost no objectives it all. You can think of it as a free-form exploration run with no real objective except to survive indefinitely. Some people think it's lame, your mileage may vary. More specifically:
You have to amass piles of XP and visit the statues to dump it into your curse. You can get XP from just about anywhere and there's statues all over the map, so you can pretty much go wherever and do whatever, but if you want to make it into a little more of an objective, you can try to find a good fast way to grind XP. There's actually quite a few interesting strategies for this curse.

Dark Chest of the Damned
Dark Chest is sort of like a longer, harder, much meaner-spirited Goddess. You've got riddles to solve, places to visit, items to carry to the places they belong. Unlike Goddess, there are hard locked actions to attempt any stage of the quest. There's also no map and the riddles are much less helpful -- you need to know where you're going.

Bloody Hunt
Bloody Hunt is exactly what it sounds like. You just run around trying to kill all the monsters. The fights are harder than normal, and many of the monsters that count for Hunt are in very out-of-the-way, difficult-to-reach, dangerous, or secret locations, or they have to be trapped or stalked in some way to initiate the fight. There's monsters all over so you can pretty much plan your route however you like, you'll visit pretty much the whole island by the end.
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