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Should I do them first one by one or can I just jump into both of them without any knowledge?
Thanks you!

I don't have any expansions so I will have to go with the ones from the base game. Guess I will learn about the geography after a few tries.
I'm well into my second try on the voracious goddess and wow, I love it. You always have those things happening all over the place. I just wondered: is the other curses as good, or is there times when you're just
walking, hunting, walking, hunting
without anything interesting happening?

Thankful for answers!

Amazing game, looking forward to play the next curses and the new game!
I have the exact the same thing on my die. Maybe it's something intentional?
I see, thank you.
The rulebook states: (page 20, combining an item) "In this case, the newly combined Item card is placed at the bottom of the column it is added to, in last position, making sure that the lower part of the card remains visible (effects and keywords). If the newly combined Item card shares at least one keyword with the Item card the die is resting on (at the top of the column), its durability value is added to the value of that die (to a maximum of 6).

Does this mean, that you are allowed to combine items which don't share any keywords without increasing the durability or are you just allowed to combine items which share at least one keyword?