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It is ok to not have the 109 card (or quite a bit of others - see the official card list).

The reason for "109" divider is actually to separate cards 100-108 from the rest (you will understand when you see them).
I actually made some extra dividers (101, 102, 103, ..., 108) to make the gameplay even more convenient
If I remember correctly, the card you mentions says
If you are using Phileas Fogg character take 707
Since no one can currently satisfy that condition, you would never need to take that (missing) card, so don't worry.
(Yes it will come in wave 2 expansion)
Yes, you'll need to
take the action twice with the torch
to see all the #128 cards (
possible because those are both temporary events
As for the #119s - the green card is a permanent event - when in play you cannot repeat the action to see the
goldern #119
. I'm not going to say how to get to that one.
The :thumb_up: contains the number of card that allowed you to take/compute this card's number - and that is exactly card #94, the terrain card with the torch :flag_blue_sm:. So it's all right.
Gollum9 wrote:
4) I think I saw someone say that if 2+ characters move together that the ability on their cards means you don’t need to draw any cards? We were playing that one person moves for a card, and then the second person moves for free as they are going to terrain card with another explorer but I may have been wrong.

If any number of players move to an empty terrain (empty here means without a fire token or another player figure), they pay the full cost printed on the terrain they move from.

If any number of players move to a terrain with fire or another player, each of the moving players can apply the -1:card_blue: discount.

For example, when 2 players stand on a terrain with :action_move:3:card_blue:0:icon_succes:
1. if both move together to an empty terrain, draw 3:card_blue: once
2. if both move to a terrain with a fire token, draw 1:card_blue: once
3. if only one player moved to the fire, draw 2:card_blue:, if later the 2nd player moves there too draw 2:card_blue: again

Also note that the "moving to fire or player" discount works only for moving via :action_move: (because sometimes other actions must be used to move, e.g. :action_ski:)
Also when I was previewing the previous post I saw:

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Those 48 years seem like some kind of overflow bug :D
English FAQ entries say "Permalien" instead of "Permalink"
Thanks for the info, that's good news.
Hi, is there card list available listing the updated/fixed cards in the Upgrade pack?
(Just curious while waiting for my pack.)

Also, it may be a good idea to put that info into the Card List PDF, so that both 2nd edition owners and 1st edition+upgrade pack owners know which cards were already fixed and which were not.

You may have done something wrong, because
losts of XP
is not the only thing you need.
You also need
to return a card with keyword "guardian" several times
each idol will give you the "guardian"
card :icon_journal: only once - so you need to visit more of them, unless you save or reset the map somehow.
The sharp stone card specifically says "discard this" as part of the effect.
You use the stone by throwing it away (to help with fighting, for example) and don't have it anymore.

The found items with no keywords usually share all these characteristics (in my experience)
- they have the durability of 1
- AND say "Using this item doesn't lower the durability"
- AND have "Discard this" as part of the effect(s)
Good to know. This makes the item cards like stone more useful, nice.
The block can be positioned in two ways and still fits the box - that means it can take either 1/2 or 1/3 (approximately) of the tray :thumb_up:

I really like them and use them in both configurations (as more and more cards are moved to banished and save divider during one curse)
1. no, they mean character figures
2. yes, in my understanding the new player can join at the start of a new session (which means that everyone is already in the same spot after last save), not in the middle of the session.

Reading the rules now, I was wrong, a new character could join the party in mid-session (e.g. if the previous character was killed).
I guess you would put the figure next to any other player figure.
I don't think others are meant to group together when a new character joins mid-session, but maybe the designers will clarify.
It's no more than 5 spaces away from the 2nd place you mentioned in post #8.
(That is also what post #3 was alluding to.)
Skills with :7: are indeed very powerfull.
Thanks for the answer.
Hi, we have encountered several "Spider bite" events and they worked like this:
When you succeed
nothing happens
When you fail
you banish the Spider bite card, and also some bad stuff may happen

The pattern is that
banishing the card (when you fail to cure it) will make every following Spider bite more dangerous. This makes sense thematically as there are probably "eggs under your skin".

Now I want to ask about card A0201 in the area
It works contrary to our expectations:
Success banishes the card (which will make Spiders more dangerous in the future).

Is this how this card was meant to work? It's not really a problem we just think it does make less sense thematically this way.
The thing you are looking for is at the bottom of a
. Have you seen it?
He means "one movement away", that is without crossing any "bridge" cards.