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Updated card list is available in the Downloads section.
You can find out interesting things by looking at it.
Of course, if you don't want to know anything, don't read this.

First some non-spoilery stuff:
  • Numbered cards range from 000 to 999
  • No number is missing between 000-914 (hooray for no gaps)
  • There are only 4 cards between 915-999 (including the 999 itself, which must be something horrible :-))

Now let's look at the numbers that are present in WGUMCD and also in the base game.
There are more of some well-known numbers, to increase variability.
Then there are duplicates of several
terrain cards all around the continent.
These are probably not alternative cards but
white "cloud" cards used to land your balloon on the original terrain.
(not a spoiler if you followed the KS2 campaign)

There is one more thing I noticed which I cannot interpret, but still consider quite a spoiler:
The "The End" card for each existing curse seems to have an alternate (?) version in WGUMCD !:ninja:
Yes, the french version is ready (but the 2-sided version was still in english by mistake - I'll upload the corrected version later today)
Arnaud and the others did a good job (see full credits in the english Readme)
Hi, I'm glad you enjoy the expansion.
To answer your question: No it is supposed to be the harder way.
(I have never considered the other interpretation but it makes sense too.)
You need to find at least 4 unique Terrain cards that contain seagulls/penguins.
Version 1.3 uploaded, see Errata (added missing banish on 1 relatively rare card)
Yes it's designed to be played with 1 less curse card - but that's not a balancing decision. A new cure card would stand out, as you say. I hope you'll enjoy it.
There are some new backgrounds we wished for - parchment, and 2 kinds of notebook paper

Also, among the white banner icons, there are 2 I have never seen before :ninja: (but I have a reason to believe they are not new stuff, but old never used stuff)

Now, I can finally replace that scanned image of penguins by a nicer one :-)
Hey, that fankit currently announced in the KS update looks like a new version :D'
Will inspect it later :thumb_up:
Nice, thanks :thumb_up:
Hi. I can send you the full source (I have it saved) in the evening
Hi, I recently started to use the messaging system on this forum :whistling:

- In notifications (English) I can see "[User] sent you a nouveau message" - should be "new"
- When creating a new message there is "To send a message, presse the "Enter" key." - should be "press"

- When scrolling up in the message list for one user (e.g. "Conversation with BrunoS"), I'm automatically scrolled to the very bottom in about 1 second - that is very annoying, I cannot read the old messages (without holding the scrollbar and making small movements :ninja:).

- When I select text in any old message I'm immediately focused into the new message textarea - that means I cannot copy any text from old messages.

- And finally - pressing the Enter sends the new message - how do I add a newline?
I tried the usual Ctrl+Enter and Shift+Enter - they sometimes work but sometimes I submit the message anyway.
I have seen others having the same problem - receiving just a "Hello" message and then another one with the text itself.

(Windows 10, Chrome)
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I tried to post this thread today but every time I got "Something went wrong..." error.

Eventually, I tried posting only the 1st third of the post and that worked. I then edited the post trying to add more content and it also worked.

This has also happened to me recently (that's why the first post in this thread was broken in two - I did not know I could circumvent the error by editing the original post then).

Both cases containesd size, img and list tags (properly closed, I believe). It did not happen to me in the past, when my posts were less complex, so there may be a connection.

Edit: Windows, latest Chrome
It's available now: in this post

Big thanks to all the playtesters who tried it and made it better.
If you did not have time to send the feedback yet, don't worry - I'll still appreciate it in any later date :thumb_up:
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I'd like to announce...

Lost & Found
Unofficial fan-made print-and-play mini-expansion for The 7th Continent
(Compatible with Collector's and Classic edition and any official expansions.)

Many things and even more people got lost on the 7th continent.
Some want to be found, some do not, and some should not.

Ready for download here.

The expansion contains 1 rules and 92 cards:
  • 1 Clue card for the new “The Lost Artefact” curse
  • 1 “Book of Idols” card
  • 90 Blue Adventure Cards, forming the separate Blue Adventure Deck

Main features
  • New "The Lost Artefact" curse. :icon_curse: It's a medium length curse (~10 hours), with multiple parallel objectives. Can be combined with any other curses.
  • "Book of Idols" card. :icon_journal: Can be added even when not playing with the new curse - in the same way, you would add the "Pocket Watch" from the "Path Of Repentance" expansion.
  • No cards from this expansion are ever shuffled with the original cards (so you don’t have to worry about matching card backs etc.)

See Readme and the rules card for more details.

If you have spotted any typos or have any feedback, feel free to send me a PM.
The Exploration card is attached to all Terrain cards adjacent to it - so yes the action can be taken.
See definition of the golden chevron - it points from the permenent event to Terrain cards it is attached to.
Hi, I like this idea too.
Note about the wording on Victors quest: While it is intuitively understandable what "successfully played" means, the game (rules) have no concept of "playing" a card, You can use "If an action on the card titled "Forbidden expariemnt" is a success ...".
Or maybe it could be reworded with brown heal icon:

If you banish a card titled "Forbidden experiment", [782] & banish this.
When you draw x cards, you In fact, draw one and apply it then draw another and apply it... And so on

... with some exceptions, such as hunting or "draw X cards, keep one and return the others" situations
Speaking of fonts, there is also this one:

It's very simillar to Plantagenet Cherokee (and hard to identify since there is only "A" and "B" letters).
(Also the red "variant" icon could be added to the Kit.)
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It would be useful to also have pure versions of card backgorunds (such as Adventure_front_Item_keyword.jpg or Adventure_front_SideQuest.jpg)

- with no keyword box at the bottom - because many cards not have keywords (items, side quest result)
- with no title banner at the top - because a card may need wider (or even higher) title banner

I hope we don't seem ungrateful requesting all these extra assests :ermm:.
What you have already provided is great, thanks again.

Edit: Also cards without title banner are useful because the banner is sometimes over the graphics of the item or Clue
One more thing: I applied the official card backs in mi mini-expansion and realized that the "Fan Made" logo overlaps the card IDs - it's in the exact same space... It's not a huge issue, but I wanted to let you know.
No, he means "Red diamond" icon - new mechainc in the upcomming expansions