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Hi - is it valid to take a Walk, Fly, or Snowshoe Action, and use the concept of moving to a “reachable terrain card” to effectively stay exactly where I started?

One reason to do this: I might draw an Action card which I decide to keep during the Skill step that helps me deal with an encounter on my terrain card that I couldn’t previously deal with, so I decide I didn’t want to leave it now I have a new skill card.

Specifically for A Prison of Clouds, there is an encounter card called
, which helps you to fly but in a different direction to the one you want to go (in the direction of the encounter card itself). So I could just use the help icons on that card to Fly back to where I started - obeying the continuous terrain rule - and discard
, thus avoiding its more expensive method of discarding it.

Is there an official ruling on being able to succeed a ‘move’ action and choose to stay where I am, if thematically I am actually walking out and back to where I started?
I tried to find the answer in the french part of the forum, but no source to quote...
Anyway, all other french players agree with the following interpretation :
  • The rule for the :move_arrow: consequence (and for the similar "Red cross" in the White box) is "move to a reachable Terrain card".

  • The question is : "no matter how many there are" = zero ?
  • The french players agree that the minimum should be one card, for RP consistency and to avoid abuse of certain mechanics.

I flag this topic for the author. :-)
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Relatedly, again in A Prison of Clouds, if you have a situation where there is a revealed terrain (white) card both to the north and south of the balloon's current position, and the current weather card makes it easier to leave to the south, can you pay the cost for south but then go north, as it's connected?

I believe that the rules would allow this, however it means following the rules as written and possibly not as intended.

Also, it's not explicit in the white box rules supplement, but I assume you cannot pick a direction on the weather card where there is not currently a revealed terrain card, meaning the "loophole" I mentioned cold not always be used.
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