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Hello all,

I have a question about discarding cards from your inventory based on another card's prompt.

Since you cannot disassemble an item, I guess that if for example you want to apply Dimitri's ability and discard an "aggressiveness" card from your inventory, you need to discard all cards associated with an item and if one of these cards is "aggressiveness" you can apply the effect. Correct?

What if the rules of the card state that it can be discarded after being used (e.g. bolas, fire-making tools, food)? Can I "disassemble" the item then, reduce the use by one, and discard only the card with the keyword I want, in order to trigger the effect?

I hope this makes sense the way I described it!

Thanks in advance!
Hello :-)

I hope you will find your answer in the FAQ :
This item
and this one.
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Hi! Thanks for the reply!

I am aware of the mechanics for when you use an item as part of an action...

But does your reply mean that the same rules apply when you want to intentionally discard an item card and apply the effects of its keyword, even though this is not really part of its intended action?

The FAQs, the rules and the text in the item cards seem to apply only when you use the item as it was intended. For the bolas for instance, the "discard this" prompt is part of the hunt/fight action so you must discard it if you take one of these actions... But if you want to discard an "aggressiveness" card to trigger some effects unrelated to the hunt/fight action, then... can the "discard this" prompt still apply?

Does that also mean that you can willingly discard an item card (which states that can be discarded after being used) at any time? For example, you find a new item (e.g can) but you don't have space in your inventory. Can you immediately discard a meat card from your inventory and put the can in its place (even though the "return this" prompt on a food item card is triggered only if you take the eat action?)

Sorry if this is a much simpler case than I make it to be and I am overthinking it! But I am curious as to how others approach these particular instances of item use.

Thanks again!
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I try to explain to you with my bad english. ;)

The Gold Rule says : "you must finish an action before to start another one".
This is an action : :action_empty:. This is not : :action_condition:.

Another important rule says : "Text on cards must be applied by priority on the rulebook".
The rulebook explain that Object column can't be broken.
But, some cards allows to discard only one of the cards in a column. ;)

Now, combine these 2 rules.
At your turn, you can play an action :action_empty: with the help of any trigger :action_condition:, Skill :icon_hand_blue: or any source available (:icon_hand_green:, :icon_journal: etc). But only if you don't have to activate another action.
Some exemples :
- If a activate the Bolas :action_condition::action_hunt: and choose to use the trigger for the bonus, I must to discard it (only the card).
- If I want to use a skill to search a card in the discard deck, and this skill ask you to discard a item card with a keyword "agressiveness" for "paiement", directly without action, you are able to use this effect at any time of your action. Choose any "agressiveness" card in your Inventory (just look at the gray line at the bottom and ignore the rest of this card) then discard it.
- If you make an hole :action_dig: (action !) and, as a consequence, you draw a card xxx - can, you CAN'T start the :action_eat: action to eat and discard/return the food card. But the rulebook allows you to discard an entire item (column) if you need space to keep this can.

==> New Gold rule : "Just read, don't interpret anything." ;-)

I hope this clear enough ! :-)
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