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This are my painted rock worms. I loved to paint this miniatures!


What is the material of the miniatures?

When it's finecast plastic, I can't clean the colors at the ministures wirh sterilium, to paint it new.

Do you know what behind this gate? There is no way to go behind. Is this for a expansion? I tought that is the cage for the bloody dog on the picture of the bloody hunt curse.
The game time for one curse is too long for one game night.

- A expansion (curse) with shorter gameplay would be nice, maybe for 3-5 hours.

Also the PnP professional printed, to show the game in short time interesting players.

After more than two weeks playtime I finished the first curse.
Everyday and everynight I though about it, want to play every free minute and it was very difficult to finish a part of a game. Every session was more then 3 houres long. It was a very strong force of attraction.
What are your expieriences?
Thank you very much. Now I understand it.
But there is no description on the card, that I have to shuffle the discard pile before, or?
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I have a question about the card #096 in combination with card #245.

I found the whiskey bottle and drink it up. Then I had to banish this card and must take the card #096 (empty bottle). Now I have this empty bottle in my inventory. On the green card # 245, I fill it up with the hazardous substance. Because I have the empty bottle I can take the card #260.
What I have to do with the empty bottle?

1. The empty bottle rest in the inventory.
2. The empty bottle goes to the banished cards, because I used the bottle symbole on it. (I didn't used the abilities on it --> music/sword)

Thanks for your help!

In the case of: The discard pile is face up. I can randomly take 4 cards from the discard pile. I take the 4 cards of the top of the face up discard pile. The most or all curse cards are in on the bottom of the discard pile. So I know that there is no curse card on the top. In this case I can sort out the curse cards for ever or long time to the discard pile. Is this correct?
Randomly take 4 cards from the Discard Pile and shuffle them back into the Action Deck.

Can I reveal the randomly 4 taken card, before I shuffle them into the Action Deck?
I played my first game with Ferdinand solo. Yesterday I was game over. I played it only with one fire token.
Today I found the character card "build your own character" or thislike. With this you can choose 5 character skill cards from all available character skills and you play with 4 fire tokens. I think thats the best way to play solo. What do you mean? What are your experience?
I have too much original sleeves. If you are interesting, I sell them for a better price than the kickstarter price.
Yes, you should have the list handy. I need it in the solo play very early.
Sorry I don't understand the errata of the gold card #425

Gold Adventure card no. 425 (ID: A0924) – back
Should have a “thumb up” box with number 417 on it + fluff text should match both cases (failure in green 425 or new attempt after victory in 425).

Could somebody explain it me?
The flufftext is on the front, isn't right?
Are the cards of the PnP also in the maingame, that I can play it as a tutorial with the original cards?
With the campaign I bought sleeves for all the 1300 cards. I didn't realized, that they would fit in the box. Now I sleeved only the exploration, action and state cards and I have too much sleeves. What shall i do? Will there be a expansion with a second box, with which it's possible to store all cards with sleeves, or it's the better way to sell the surplus sleeves? What would you do?