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Thanks man! All clear now

Happy Easter and stay safe!
Unfortunately I can't copy and translate your conversation with Bruno because it's under Spoilers.

To get back to your point from 9 months ago: "The effect of Protective cover is passive : you don't have to pay -1pip to use its ability." - This means that the item can be used an infinite of times?

Or as someone else said on BGG forum:
"When I use PC for another stack, can I also use the items in PCs stack for free, then it's no. You didn't pay to use PCs effect, as you don't need to activate it to make it work. So if you want to activate the stack (to use the items in it) you need to pay for that extra" - need to pay twice to activate the items in the stack of PC
So you are basically getting to use the items in the stack with Protective Cover for free? Is that what you are saying?
Need help !

What if the Protective Cover is part of a stack - if I -1 the Protective Cover to not use another item, can I use the items that are part of the Protective Cover for Free?
Hi Everyone

Really need your help as I am getting desperate. I've opened the chest but have no idea where to go.
I've read online to go
underground (in the jungle , right after coming from the island)
and in a rage I've cheated and looked at all possible cards and can't find one that has the same symbols as the clue.

Can you please tell me the exact location of where do i need to go or the card number?

Many thanks
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Apologies for reviving this but i didn't quite understand the rulebook. In the example mentioned above (or any other event card) , do I need to move on the event card first to be able to do the action or can I do it from an adjacent terrain card (the one with arrow attached to the terrain)?

I initially thought you didn't but than i read this on the forum:https://the7thcontinent.seriouspoulp.com/en/forum/topic/4166/permantent-event-connected-to-a-card-with-no-ressources/page/1/293175/ and the guy says he needs to move on the permanent event card to do an action on it.