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There is a mayor exploit involving the temporary event of the Gold 371 Card and the Lovecraft character, this exploit can also be performed with the McCluskey character.

Read about it here:
There's loads of combos like this in 7C.

Other good ones:

You can rest an infinite number of times for free, to find any advanced skill. Fix the main jungle camp, then cooperate the 2/0 :action_rest: down to a 1/1 :action_rest: that the bonus stars and discount from the camp covers entirely. Take 000 without spending any cards as many times as you like, and keep digging until you find the exact skills you're looking for. My guess is that this was probably intentional.

There are a ton of permanent event cards that say "as soon as this is revealed, one involved character can take a card with the keyword [whatever] from the discard pile to their hand". You can save the game on a terrain card with one of those events to return it, then expose it again, repeatedly. If you find a Will, Vigilance, or Serenity spot you can recur Remember which can recur anything, other spots like Aggressiveness only recur specific cards and are less useful. There's some debate over whether this is in the spirit of the Save mechanic, but it's allowed under the rules, and there are puzzles that require you to save to progress them. It's a mechanic representing the passage of time. You can save whenever you want to. There's a few spaces you can loot repeatedly like this too, they did a pretty good job of blocking that for 350s but you can get all the 172s this way, and, uh, the "you dug a hole" table? 310 I think? At least. Very plausibly there are more that I don't know about.

There's a botany card that lets you exchange cards with your hand from the cards in your deck. Scholar makes it free and you can just stand on the plant doing it over and over again, finding Remembers to spam things like Examine the Notes over and over, then using something like Restful Sleep to put them back in the deck.

Lovecraft's Dark Side removes all the curses from the discard. If there's no curses in the discard, it is safe to draw cards from the discard pile on actions -- "Sudden Death mode" can't kill you if there's no curses to draw. This means you can draw the whole deck + the whole discard pile on an unlocked check, succeed it with 40+ :icon_succes: and keep any card from the deck or discard pile, i.e. Examine the Notes, Knowledge is Power. As long as you can :action_rest: or :action_pray: repeatedly (see infinite rest) you can just keep doing this and spamming any card you like from the action deck. Infinite XP, Notes, build any combination of items to full durability, buy all the advanced skills, anything at all you can get from a :icon_hand_blue: card, really.

There's a card in the Roots expansion that gives back a card every time you use a Botany ability. Many botany abilities can be used repeatedly for free, so, obviously that can too. It's pretty busted but unfortunately it's like a 50/50 drop with no way to try it twice, making it pretty unreliable.

Anjika Patel's ability can give infinite durability to her own Aggressiveness and Stealth stacks. Simply go somewhere with :resource_foliage:, build War Paint into your inventory, discard it to use her ability (It's a Stealth card) and then get it back (It's also an aggressiveness card, and because you discard it before you choose what to get back, it is already in the discard pile and thus a valid choice.) This has been confirmed not-intentional by Bruno, there is discussion of possible errata to her character ability. (As far as I'm aware there has never been any other such discussion around one of these combos, and this one's presumably only considered problematic because it requires essentially no setup. Dark Side for example has been known about for a really long time and was not changed even though Lovecraft got other changes in second edition.)

This is sort of a greatest hits of commonly-discovered 7C combos, but it is by no means all that exists Once you start looking for actions that can be taken repeatedly you find lots of cute tricks. Like, you can get some XP on turtle island just for taking a Bloody state you immediately lose sailing away from the island, and you can sail back and forth to that space for cheap. If you stack all the characters with sailing discounts can you make it free? (You'll still occasionally :discard: some cards to the Bloodies so it still might not quite be infinite, but perhaps something can be done about that too...) It's out there, anyway. Pay attention to the resources the game gives you and you'll find shenanigans.

Totally up to you how much to use them or not to. Personally I think it's fun to do an infinite combo the first time you see them, after that, maybe not, they make the game pretty easy... But there's some I use daily, like infinite rest.
Thanks for the answer, i was thinking exactly the same, using the exploit in my First run to find every thing, and restrict miself on later runs to make the game more narrativa. Thanks for taking the time for that long and very Complete answer
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