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I've seen several users that have created signatures like this:

:resource_fire: : 9 (19h), :icon_curse: : 0, :flag_curse_sm: : 1/1

or this:

:icon_journal:0 HOURS :resource_fire:0 SESSIONS
:flag_curse_sm: :icon_succes:0 :icon_curse:0

What do you think of adding this kind of "player history" as a part of the forum profile? It could be displayed when viewing a user's profile, or even as a set of small icons underneath their avatar in forum posts. It could be a great way to track/brag about our accomplishments! It might also be useful for providing some context on how much a user has played the game so that answers can be phrased accordingly.
This idea is already on our todo list ! ;-)

I think a good display could be :
  • Small "Finished curse" icons : directly on the forum, under the avatar.
  • + a new tab on the user's profil for more stats.

The player history could be basic at the beginning (a text field just like a message on the forum).
And, if we have time to develop it, we could add a specific form to manage playing sessions with details.

You can help by designing the best data tables :
  • Game ID
  • Curse(s)
  • Session ID
  • Number of players / Characters
  • Playing time
  • ...

Stats for 1 game ID :
  • Finished :icon_succes: or Failed :icon_curse:
  • Final XP (advanced skill costs + stock points
  • Final size of the Action Deck
  • Number of
    Major relics

  • ...
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I love the idea of "finished curse" icons below the avatars. Maybe it could show all the curses "grayed out" and then show the ones that are completed in color? If you do that, it would be nice to have an option to select the curses that you own. That way you can see that person A has completed 2/4 curses (since they only own the base game) and person B has completed 4/7 curses (since they own 3 curse expansions as well.) Then we can each work toward coloring in all of our curse icons. :-)

For the detailed game info, I would recommend keeping things simple and then having a "notes" column where people can track additional things if they want. Personally, I would start with the following:

  • Game ID - could be just a number or a text field for more descriptive naming
  • Curse(s)
  • Number of sessions
  • Total play time
  • Status - either Completed :icon_succes:, Failed :icon_curse:, or In Progress :icon_hand_blue:
  • Notes

If you wanted to get really fancy, you could also design a "nested" table for each Game that has information about each session:

  • Session Number
  • Number of players (since this may vary between sessions)
  • Play time for that session
  • Maybe other stats like size of the action deck, number of cards on the board, etc. to give a sense of how the game is going so far

And definitely don't include anything in that table that constitutes spoilers of any kind. Even if it's in a spoiler tag, I'll have to reveal the spoiler to know what I'm supposed to be tracking there. If people want to track spoiler-esque details, they can do it in the Notes column and use spoiler tags as appropriate.
Do you like this for personal record keeping or for showing off online? I thought about upgrading the soundtrack app I did to an companion app, but as of now I'm just gathering some ideas while publishing the app as soundtrack app the next days.
Falco20019 wrote:
Do you like this for personal record keeping or for showing off online?

Some of both. Having it on the forums would be for more than just showing off - it could be useful for providing context to other forum members about experience with the game. I might respond differently to a question from somebody who has completed 3 curses than somebody who only has 1 hour of gameplay experience. (For instance, I would try to answer questions from newbies with as few spoilers as possible.)
Sorry, „showing off“ was just a bad choice of wording. Wasn’t meant in any bad way but just as a short form for „showing others what you already achieved“ with every benefits it includes :) there definetly are benefits
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