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Hello adventurers,

I have just launched a 7th Continent wiki on Fandom. You can get to it here.
For all you super experienced adventurers who have seen all there is to see, why not use your skills to help other players?

First of all, I don't have enough time in the world to document this epic game alone. To anyone who has some spare time, and knows even the slightest about the game, please put up some pages!
Second, I don't have much skill. I just randomly started this on a whim (honestly, I just want someone to tell me where Gilbert is!) I could use experienced web designers to make it look very well trimmed.
Finally, I definitely don't have enough assets! Putting together this wiki will require tons of pictures of the cards, numboxes, a suitable background, etc. If you have any digital copies of playing pieces, I need them to put up on the site.

This project isn't for the faint of heart. Most of the pages will contain massive spoilers, and there are tons upon tons of cards to go through. But, as we players know, any exhausting challenge can be beaten with the teamwork ability!

(P.S. Where is Gilbert? I've been looking for him
to stuff in that death chamber
Hello :-)

As a player and designer of this website, I would like to tell you that the idea of the wiki was in our mind. We finally developed a basic forum with some specific features (spoiler tags, pictos ...) because we think that the game is too complex, the elements too entangled between them, to write correctly articles. Even the FAQ of this site is a puzzle to write!

However, you have my sincere encouragement for this project!
Note: Do not forget to note on the home page (and title?) that it is an unofficial wiki. This is important for authors and for your visitors. :)

Good luck ! :icon_succes_7:
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Cool idea.

What sort of content are you hoping for? Strategy guides? Curse walkthroughs? Records of the random tables?

Fandom's a really shit website, squeezes advertising past adblock and stuff. Have you considered a different host?
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I was hoping for all three, Brisngre. Also, I've managed to crush everything on the site with adblock :sideways: However, point made.

So, in reality, do you have a host in mind? I love being boss of things, but I am in reality very bad at it. For one, I can't figure out how to close the Fandom site... Maybe you should take over.

Also, I apologize for the enormous delay!
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