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Right click -> view image to make this bigger.

These are minor treasure maps from my upcoming fan expansion.
Please take a second and help me by answering these questions:

Which of these terrain cards do you think you could you find?

If it isn’t all ten, next time you play, keep an eye out for the last few. Can you find them then, or are my drawings just unrecognizeable?

What is the solution to the hidden number puzzle?

If you can’t solve the hidden number puzzle, do you have any theories as to how it might work?

The location that doesn't have a number actually doesn't have one, it has a slightly different purpose, there is not (yet) a 0.

The best way to answer is just to post your best guess for the 10 locations and the hidden number in spoiler tags.
First question: I'm pretty sure I could find all ten locations. Your drawings do a very good job at signaling them.

Second question: I don't yet have any idea how the hidden number puzzle works. I would have assumed the numbers were a private system to track the drawings that would be removed in the final version of the cards if you hadn't told me there was a puzzle. If I come up with a theory I'll see if I can't edit it into this post with a spoiler tag.
It occurs to me that I was not very specific about what I mean by a Hidden Number.

The 9 maps with digits are all the same :card_pick:1050, you get them from (among other things) a character skill called Examine the Map, on one of the new characters in my fan expansion.

Imagine you have all 9 of those. The 10th map in the bottom right is not a part of this puzzle and you can forget it exists for now. It is not a :card_pick:1050.

So, you've collected all the map fragments, and they have numbers on them. Numbers are always suspicious in the 7th continent, usually they can be combined in some way for a :card_pick_thumb:number, usually with other suspicious numbers on other cards. This puzzle is one of those.

Somewhere in the adventure deck, there is a card with a :card_pick_thumb: for 1050 + 1050 + 1050. Your goal is to figure out what :card_pick:number you would need to check to get it.
  • I'm sure I can find 9/10 locations. I had never seen the location #0 before but I have yet to visit the whole continent !
  • I like how #3 is included on the map. ^^
  • For the puzzle, is it necessary to compare your maps and the real location card ? (I don't have the box with me now, but my first idea
    is to find differences
    . But even if I find the 3 digits to keep with this method, I don't know if I can take :card_pick_thumb:ABC or CBA or ...)
  • My 2nd idea :
    Try to check if the digit hidden on each map has a relation with an element (like number of stones...). Not revelant.

  • My 3rd idea :
    Build a logical path between these location on the continent, but there are so multiple access for each of them.

  • My 4th idea :
    Keep the location where there is an hidden number on the real terran card. So I keep
    #7 and #9 for sure, and maybe #8 or #6, I don't remember for sure. ==> I will check the :card_pick_thumb:976 card for example.

  • I have some other ideas, like regroup maps by natural element (snow, wind...) or :action_pathfind:Exploration zone...
  • Last question : if these clues are on :card_pick:1050 cards, it means that your extension is mainly over 1000, so I maybe have to find an hidden number with 4 digits ! No ?
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None of these guesses is quite right but they are very close. This is definitely the kind of thinking you need to solve this puzzle.

I advise having the physical cards to solve this puzzle but you needn't examine them under a microscope or anything.

The hidden number is currently only 3 digits. I could rework it to make it 4 pretty easily and I actually probably should just so I can put it on a less conspicuous card.

I assume #0 you mean the bottom-left one that doesn't have a number? That one isn't part of the hidden number puzzle, but i've been convinced to add an actual #0 map to the puzzle, if I don't decide to take the numbers off of the maps where they're just a red herring.
brisingre wrote:
None of these guesses is quite right but they are very close. This is definitely the kind of thinking you need to solve this puzzle.
I advise having the physical cards to solve this puzzle but you needn't examine them under a microscope or anything.

So I'll try to find later ! :action_search::action_decipher::happy:

brisingre wrote:
I assume #0 you mean the bottom-left one that doesn't have a number? That one isn't part of the hidden number puzzle, but i've been convinced to add an actual #0 map to the puzzle, if I don't decide to take the numbers off of the maps where they're just a red herring.

If I observe correctly, there are two maps without number (#0 and #3 missing):
- The bottom-left one, but the corridor of the gallery has a shape of 3.
- The bottom-right one (2nd line): by deduction, it is the #0 (in addition, the circular shape seems to be a confirmation.).
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The bottom-left one does not have a number. It is the one some people think is supposed to be the 0, but actually it doesn't have a number at all.
It's actually the front of the card whose :card_pick_thumb: you're trying to find, in the tradition of treasure maps there's a final step to collect your prize.

#3 is in the middle right. It is the subtlest of the numbers right now, tucked away in the curls of the lava.

One good strategy might be to sorta play a run and just like cheat as much as you want not drawing cards on things, explore to the various locations, see if anything sparks.
I super appreciate you sticking with it, by the way! Thanks so much for helping!
I don't know if you still want feedback, but my guess would be this.

Each number on the map relates to a specific card. Not the card it is on, but the card it points to.

I haven't played a full game in months, but from memory I know where all locations are. (though I don't know how to get to 5, I know where it is)

Each number seems to be located where you would pick up a card.

From memory you have:

1 = whatever card the fish is on
7 = a hidden number with a hole to grab something
4 = a door that gets a card i think
8 = might be a dead animal
etc etc..

Then, perhaps there is some pattern to these specific cards?

Or maybe the opposite. Which numbers don't point to anything.

I'd guess

2 points to nowhere
3 points to nowhere
and 6 points to nowhere.

So maybe the card to draw it 236? or 632? 263?
If you drawing is in order then maybe 623?
or maybe 263 in order of depth - up a cliff, normal land height, and into the earth?

I feel like there should be some sort of hint that player can use to assist in a direction of discovering the card.
Definitely still interested in feedback, thank you!

All 10 point to real places, and if you don't know them pretty well this is probably impossible.

Top to bottom is a good guess, but, incorrect.

It is far less complex than anything involving the numbers of cards found at each location.
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My toughts :

The notation means how easy it was to find from memory (for me) :

1) In the swamp altough i dont remember exactly its location (shouldnt be hard to find tho) 6/10
2) In the desert at the east of the voracious godess 8/10
3) That one is famous, north of the initial forest. 9/10
4) South of the east swamp. 10/10
5) In the North cavern after the cableway 10/10
6)an ice cavern in the north 7/10
7)Just after the cliff north of the initial forest 10/10
8) Not sure at all but isnt it the location which can only be found with the bench? 4/10
9) West of the temple 9/10
10) East of the temple 9/10

I have absolutely no clue for the hidden number :angry:
Each location has a number from one to 9 (except bottom left whithout number) maybe it is drawing a number if you draw a straight line following the numbers between each location ?!
Well after some drawing that definitly not draws a 3-digit number:'(

After rereading your post it seems like you only need 3 of these ( you said thumb up for 1050+1050+1050) so i assume i must find 3 cards that differs from the others.

Only cards with hidden numbers 4,5,7 evoke ice (4 because some pillars are made in ice) so let's say 745 (south to north) altough thats certainly false!
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Thanks for your thoughts!

It took me a second to realize that you'd answered by the order they appear on the card and not based on the numbers on the map, but once I realized that: All your answers are correct, even the one you said you only had 4/10 confidence about. This means you should have the info you need to solve the hidden number.

Your hidden number guesses are good, especially the first one. You are correct that you're looking for only 3 cards (out of the 9 with numbers). You are very close!
It involves the physical locations of the terrain cards. It does not involve their features.
Ok. So ignoring card feature. Lets think.

Card locations are easy.

1. East Area. Idk what the areas is called.

2. Up the cliff

3. Underground Lava

4. Undergound Dungeon Puzzle

5. Sea Level Tunnel

6. North West Cave

7. Hill In Ice

8. Swamp

9. Desert

Extra. Dungeon Cave

1 and 2 are connected without a bridge.
3 is by itself and not on main map
4. Is by itself and not on main map (though it is connected to the extra card)
5. You can't get to normally, though is placed on the main map
6. By itself, connected via bridge to desert
7. And 8. Are connected without a bridge
9. Is by itself, connected via bridges to others.

Sweeping West to East ypu have, i think.
6, 9/8,7,2,5,1 (3, 4 not on main map)

Im sure this would be easier if I had the game open.

It possible 9, 2, 1 are all on the same horizontal?

Idk. Any more hints?
Or, does it require the map to be laid out in front of you?

You have solved the puzzle and found the idol!

921 are on the same horizontal row,, laid out from left to right as numbers usually are.

Laying out the map and finding that three locations are in order while the rest are scattered around or not even on the main map, or (preferably) just marking the maps on your hand-drawn continent map and noticing that they're in order, is the intended way of solving this. Because exploring all the way from the whale skeleton on crocodile rock to the town in the desert is such a long journey to make without saving, it really benefits you to have an accurate, well-made map to solve this puzzle.

The thumbs up for it just has the number shared by the map cards, so if you have this solution, you can solve the puzzle and take the 10th treasure map even if you've banished or not yet found the 9, the 2, or the 1.
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