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Hi, I recently started to use the messaging system on this forum :whistling:

- In notifications (English) I can see "[User] sent you a nouveau message" - should be "new"
- When creating a new message there is "To send a message, presse the "Enter" key." - should be "press"

- When scrolling up in the message list for one user (e.g. "Conversation with BrunoS"), I'm automatically scrolled to the very bottom in about 1 second - that is very annoying, I cannot read the old messages (without holding the scrollbar and making small movements :ninja:).

- When I select text in any old message I'm immediately focused into the new message textarea - that means I cannot copy any text from old messages.

- And finally - pressing the Enter sends the new message - how do I add a newline?
I tried the usual Ctrl+Enter and Shift+Enter - they sometimes work but sometimes I submit the message anyway.
I have seen others having the same problem - receiving just a "Hello" message and then another one with the text itself.

(Windows 10, Chrome)
I can verify every one of those issues I believe. Messages are indeed quite broken.
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  • Nouveau into New => Fixed
  • Presse into Press => Fixed
  • Scroling bar=> Fixed. Please check it out. Now it scrolls down only when a new message pops out.
  • New line => SHIFT + ENTER works perfectly fine here. Please try it out.

Many thanks for your feedback!
Forums/ Website/ Bugs and misprint3 posts