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I had an idea for a mini expansion which gives each character a personal side quest - at the moment i have a small sidequest with a small reward for Keelan and a more demanding and more rewarding side quest for Victor. I don't think there is much spoiling here, but if you're new to the game, i guess some things could give away a little information on certain game cards.

As these cards are personal cards for the different characters from the base game, it would be great if i could add the faces like on the other personal cards, but it's not really necessary.

For the Keelan sidequest i have a question for the veterans who already know the 7th continent by heart:
Are there more terrain cards with carnivorous plants like

Ok, here are the cards i have at the moment: Rules + Keelan, Victor

Version 1.1: Rules + Keelan, Victor

Version 1.2: Victor

Please tell me what you think about it, the idea in general and the cards. Maybe you have some good ideas for the other characters?

Thanks for reading
I like the idea.

No more places with carnivorous plants like 191, at least not in the base game, but there are a couple of other cards with dangerous or unusual plants. There are even a couple that I could argue are carnivorous. But they're not like the plants on 191, those are only on that card as far as I'm aware.
Nice mini-extension ! :-)

Keelan sidequest :
Your #781 card have an "Hand" type (without color). I suggest 2 possibilities to improve that :
- choose the :icon_hand_green: icon.
- change to :icon_journal: type + change the text to limit the effect on Keelan only.

Victor sidequest :
- The mecanism is very positive because you gain twice the refill of 25 action cards. Maybe too much ?
- #782 :card_gold: : I suggest again :icon_journal: or :icon_hand_green: type.
- I suppose the extra item slot is limit at 1 item card (no combination) and it's forbidden to use this item during an action ?
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Thanks for the comments *smile*

The carnivorous plants are not that necessary, even so Keelan can
discard a vigilance card whenever there is any known plant on her terrain to return one or more of the states.
But i will look into making this quest maybe a little more flexible.

The "golden hand" icon was something i invented to make it possible to give a player a hand card without using up the scarce space. I forgot to explain it on the rules card, which i now did in the 1.1 version.

As for Victor's sidequest, i know it's a lot of cards. I changed the green card to amend this a little, bearing in mind that
getting rid of the monster isn't that easy
. I also changed the golden card to an easier wording. The item (it should be a full item, as i intended this slot to be a kind of safe storage for an item you don't need currently, but don't want to dismiss either) isn't usable during actions, as it isn't part of any player's inventory. I now restricted the trading ability to Victor.

Other than those changes i mentioned i put a banner with the character name on the back of the 780 cards, so it would be possible to make different sidequests for each character and choose randomly among them. The new files are edited into my first post.
I could make you a nicer golden hand icon if you like. I understood what the intent of it is.

Another option would be a green hand with text saying it doesn't count against your green card limit.

You could clean up Frankenstein's quest a little bit more with some numbers trickery.

You get rid of the gold 782 entirely. In it's place, you can add a gold 399, a second version of Frankenstein's monster that has the "carry an item" ability. You either remove the ability to get rid of the second monster or make it even harder.

Then, 782 can just say:

"If the banished pile contains a card with the keyword monster, shuffle a banished card with the title "Forbidden Experiment" into the action deck and banish this."

and his 780 can just say:

"If you have a card with the keyword monster, banish this and take a 782."
Thanks for the advice :)

About the keyword monster: i'm not very deep into the continent yet, so i wasn't sure if there may be other cards with that keyword, or maybe someone makes an expansion with such cards, so i wanted to restrict the quest on only that one monster.

But the idea with the golden 399 card is brilliant - i could even make the new monster a non-state card :)
Hi, I like this idea too.
Note about the wording on Victors quest: While it is intuitively understandable what "successfully played" means, the game (rules) have no concept of "playing" a card, You can use "If an action on the card titled "Forbidden expariemnt" is a success ...".
Or maybe it could be reworded with brown heal icon:

If you banish a card titled "Forbidden experiment", [782] & banish this.
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I can say with some confidence that there's no other Monsters in the black box. Somewhat disappointing IMO, I might add one in my own fan stuff.
Lovecraft- defeat a cephalopod (I've only seen one, though) reward: immune to frightened state.
Mary Kingsley- after a successful gift action with a non-animal, you get a 1 xp discount for all advanced skill cards.
Ferdinand- complete {X} number of actions alone. reward:?
So i gave Victor's sidequest a rework - making a golden 399 really cleaned it up a lot *smile*
I weakened the "carry item" effect a little in exchange for the monster not being a "state" anymore.

Keep it coming ;). I don't have that much time at the moment, but my goal is to make at least one sidequest for each explorer.
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