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:flag_curse_sm: The Forgotten Chamber :flag_curse_sm:
A FanMade curse which is... digital !

Hidden in these lands until forgotten, a mysterious secret is buried in a chamber.
To find it is one thing, but will you dare enter it and awaken its secrets?

:icon_succes: Presentation
The Forgotten Chamber is a digital curse. It is playable only via an electronic device, preferably a smartphone.
Just start a game as usual with the device on the table, which will display its own cards.

:icon_succes: Characteristics
- Around digital 60 cards;
- About 8 hours to solve it;
- Required The 7th Continent Collector or Classic Edition;
- Integrated saving system;
- Playable from 1 to 4;

:icon_succes: How to play ?
1. Go to
2. Prepare your game and play !
3. Optional: print the curse card

:icon_succes: Can it be played offline ?
Not for the moment.

:icon_succes: Why digital ? Is a paper version possible ?
The curse was designed with digital features, with some non-possible interactions with physical cards.
A paper adaptation is not planned.

:icon_hand_orange:Make sure to respect the SPOILER tag if you want to share your experience

:icon_curse: Good luck :icon_curse:
XP: :flag_curse_sm: 12/12 :sandglass: 100h
Créations: :flag_curse_sm: La Chambre Oubliée :icon_journal: Curieux Observateur :experience: Sauvegarde Multiple
Du fanmade pour 7th Citadel ? Bien sur que j'y travaille ;-)
Looks lovely!
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Looks pretty interesting - loved certain mechanics.

However, a few *very* important issues:

During the boss fight
, my browser window wasn't in a full screen. This lead to a major issue where the displayed card was showing only the top 2 actions I could take, and was not showing
the other 3 actions that were below

When I got to
inside the labyrith
, I didn't realize what to do right away. Although
free movement
did help me, once I realized what needed to be done, it wasn't clear where to start.
maybe add a 1+ 0 action to return to entrance, and only register actions there?

When hearing the melody, it would be great to add audio!

I had to copy the labyrinth layout in paint and rotate it. Can you add support to rotate any/all cards?
Hi Iliaden,

Welcome aboard !

Many thanks for your feedback :thumb_up:

Let's spoil
About the missing icons at
the encounter
, were you on a PC or a smartphone ? To be sure I understand, is the problem the icons were not reachabled at all (so a blocking issue), or hidden and you missed the scroller (so a interface issue) ?

About 2nd issue,
the labyrinth, there is no start point. As long as you understand, just follow the path

The need
to draw
is not a problem to me, that's part of the fun :-P
A partial solution is to print the clue card.

Did you reach the end ?

About the english version, it is now available for review, any volonteer is more than welcome :thumb_up:
XP: :flag_curse_sm: 12/12 :sandglass: 100h
Créations: :flag_curse_sm: La Chambre Oubliée :icon_journal: Curieux Observateur :experience: Sauvegarde Multiple
Du fanmade pour 7th Citadel ? Bien sur que j'y travaille ;-)
This is odd - I was certain I responded last week...

For the missing icons, I was on a PC, with a browser window that was not full-screen. Once I maximized the window, I saw the missing icons. So the issue is definitely an interface one. (I didn't see the scrollbar either)

For the second issue, I did figure it out
the hint mechanism did help :)

and yeah, I did get to the end

I also appreciate that you offer the option to see the other endings

I did notice a number of typos in the french version - would you want me to send you the issues? (and I may do the same for English)
This looks great!
Regarding translation, I do hope you officially translate it to English. In the mean time, it looks like Google Translate does a good enough job for a native English speaker to get by since most of your test is plain text. It definitely has some errors, but I can get what it means, at least on the early cards.

If you translate just one thing, I would suggest translating the text on the "Notes de Martel" clue card. I will probably manually type it into Google when I sit down to actually play, but there might be subtle detail that gets missed.

I'm curious to get to the parts that cannot be easily translated into cards and to think about ways around that!
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