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This card reads "When taking the following action". This is a compound action and as written the card implies you should take a 013 every time you take the action on this card. However based on the flavor text, it seems you are intended to only take a 013 the first time you take this action. Is this a correct interpretation of the card? If so, I propose the card reads "The first time taking the following action". Alternatively if the take a 013 action is optional, that could be changed to "you may take a 013".

If you are required to take a 013 every time you take this action, it potentially makes the whole compound action harder, which feels wrong based on the flavor text.
I found a variation of that exploit today. My setup could probably be simplified, but I can make almost any item I want, plus use Study the Notes and Knowledge is power.

My setup:
1) Botanist in Training
2) Eubellis - move action is zero from an adjacent tile
3) Colored Smoke - Adv Skill -2 move to fire while card in hand
4) Phileas Fogg (or two player game)

The Eubellis I used was on a +3 move card, so Colored Smoke let me move off of it for free to fire I had placed. I could have set the fire up next to this spot in order to draw Remember over and over. In my setup, I had the
hot air balloon
next to the Eubellis and my fire token on a 1+ move square. With Phileas Fogg, I could move off the fire token and instead of drawing 1 card, switch it to zero cards and 1 success, using a card in hand to apply a success without having to draw (the card in hand coming from Remember).

With that setup I could move to and from any square that had a 3+,0 move in order to use it's resources. Resourceful (Adv Skill) also helped. For free I could remake Cushion over and over to spam 050 cards from Study the Notes, move to and study any Flying Roots on the board with the required cards and successes in hand, and make any items that I could get resources for or that only required 1 card draw (converted to a success).

It helped having a very low action deck so most of the cards were available to me. I was also in the same area as
a burried treasure,
a hidden major relic that could restore all cards in the discard
so once I'm done I'm back to normal.

Super fun exploit to discover and explore, but like all exploits in this game, it's less fun after the fact.
This looks great!
Regarding translation, I do hope you officially translate it to English. In the mean time, it looks like Google Translate does a good enough job for a native English speaker to get by https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fextraboard.net%2Fla-chambre-oubliee.html since most of your test is plain text. It definitely has some errors, but I can get what it means, at least on the early cards.

If you translate just one thing, I would suggest translating the text on the "Notes de Martel" clue card. I will probably manually type it into Google when I sit down to actually play, but there might be subtle detail that gets missed.

I'm curious to get to the parts that cannot be easily translated into cards and to think about ways around that!
Taking your example of playing solo (4 item slots w/ 4 cards per item stack) and drawing 4 food cards, I believe you have three options:
-Lose one whole item, discarding all of the cards in that item, and make a new item consisting of the 4 food, which will then have a die of value 4 since the food cards share keywords.
-Add the food to already created item stacks, if there is room. So if one of your items consisted of only a single item, say the Bow, then you could add up to 3 food to that item. Since no keywords are shared, the die value wouldn't change, but you could later use this item in order to eat some of the food, if you have enough uses left on the bow (or can find other ways to add uses).
-Return all of the food uneaten.

Note: you *cannot* remove parts of an item stack, so if you have the Bow, Sword, Bolas, and Raft in one stack, you cannot just remove the raft and replace it with one food. You would have to lose the whole item stack or keep the whole item stack.

As far as game strategy goes:
I generally try to keep an item slot reserved for food, especially when going hunting. The Basket card (may not be the exact name) is really nice for a food item stack allowing you to add 3 more cards to the stack and it shares a keyword with food, so you as an item stack it can hold 5 pieces of food + has room for one more item, such as something you find that says "does not reduce the value of the stack when used".

Otherwise, if you search around here and BGG you can probably find some house rules where people allow food to be eaten immediately in such a situation you describe or others way to manage food. However the rules as written can appear a bit harsh, if you don't plan for it. Maxing out your items comes with some risk!
I noticed a possibly interesting mechanic when playing today which I am planning to intentionally avoid. I am making assumptions, but I don't think it's an exploit. I'm also not really looking for any spoilers since I plan to play it and explore it, but I wanted to share it and think through it more.
Regarding the mechanics of the Path of Repentance, I am aware that you draw 500 cards when you rest, and
many of the added exploration cards are titled "Repentance", but I have not yet seen any in play, so I don't know what they do, if they act like Spider Bites, or what.

From the description of the expansion, it seems like
time is against you, so I might guess I don't want to run out of 500 cards

However I have found at least one spot in the game where you can
Rest: draw 0+, requires 1 star with no failure effect. So taking that action with just one character has no risk and it would seem if you wanted to, you could rush through and draw every single 500 card and spoil them all really quickly for yourself and/or exploit rushing through them all.

My gut feeling is that doing this wouldn't be helpful, other than to gain information about the game which for me would feel a bit like ruining the fun, but even if it was good to do, I don't think I'd want to use it.
A tweak to the satchel and journal card might be to
only draw a 500 card during the consequence step of a rest action when at least some other consequence is applied. Since in the case I described there is absolutely no effect for failing the action.
I don't sleeve all of the cards, so I have a little more room, but I do use all 6 trays (including one fan made expansion).
For the components, I really liked this part I 3D printed https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2540068
It needs some updating for all the new stuff, but it's a start and helps me to organize some of the small pieces and utilize the small space next to the card trays.
I am able to fit my journal/sachel in the box but I keep the notebook outside (afraid the spiral will do damage). I also keep a glass jar with my game to roll a single die in when I have to pick between 6 or fewer cards of the same number randomly, so that just sits where I have room in my closet unfortunately. The die bounces really well on the glass so I know I can't cheat the roll, and the jar means I don't have to roll on top of the rest of the game.
Good luck
There's an iOS app called "7C Player" made by Rhindon Computing. Seems to follow all the rules put out by SP. It was updated recently to play when the app isn't open, which was a nice change. Has all 12 areas and just uses plain Roman numerals instead of area icons.
Monte Carlo aka "brute force" is definitely not cheating. Not too long ago I read about a monte carlo simulation for Chutes and Ladders, and it was fascinating. Good luck determining the probability of landing on one of the 100 possible spaces, but if you run a monte carlo simulation (and limit the run to prevent infinite loops), you can fairly quickly get a darn good estimate. Would be near impossible to determine those values any other way; simple rules can lead to complex behavior.

@brisingre, it might be worth rounding down the 100% to indicate a difference between possible and impossible. It is possible to draw 5 cards and get zero stars (though very very unlikely), however it is impossible to draw 1 card and get 10 stars. Great job with the table either way!
It has to be said, this fan made expansion is amazing. I don't expect Serious Poulp to do another printing of the game, but if they did, they should seriously consider licencing this expansion to be offered on the side. I finally lost my first game (after deciding to use a 777 card), and I am in love with this expansion. I am a 2nd KS backer and am purposefully not playing all of the base game curses before Wave2 so I can add in a bunch of the mini-expansions, but either way this expansion is a great way to hold me over and learn a little bit more about the 7th Continent. Everything in this expansions feels at home with the rest of the game as I know it. I love the use of
background terrain card features
and the way the expansion
helps you get the cards you need to progress through the quests
. I was lucky enough to stumble my way forward on part of the quest, only to be completely stumped later down the road, leading to my eventual ruin.

It is also amazing that Dill has released Errata and updates to this expansion.

I do have a question about P0049:
The card says "If you can see at least 4 seagulls and/or penguins on the Terrain cards that are in play..." do you mean: 4 different cards with either penguins or seagulls OR 4 total birds e.g. there are 6 birds pictured on this card (3 seagulls and 3 penguins)? From my observation there are either 3 penguins or 3 seagulls on a given Terrain card, so in one interpretation you just need to have revealed two Terrain cards with birds on them, while in the other you would need 4 unique Terrain cards revealed at once with birds on each of them.
Thanks for clarifying. My interpretation is/was the 'easier' way.
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On the flavor text for A0640 (208) on the Wave1 shipping of the 2nd Kickstarter, I think there is an error in grammar, specifically:
"It is as if the canyon is moaning in pain, the sound of which filling you with unease and sending a shiver down your spine." should be "...the sound of which fills you with unease and sends a shiver down your spine." or "...the sound of which is filling you with unease and is sending a shiver down your spine."

Edit: Oops, wrong forum. I'm an idiot.
Just printed this in color and I’m excited to try it out soon. To clarify, is this curse designed to have one less curse card? I know one isn’t included because it would stand out, but it could be substituted for a curse card belonging to a curse not in use, which is what I did when playing the Print and Play intro curse. It looks great, thanks for making and sharing this!
Thanks Firebird. Appreciate the response.

I'll definitely reconsider my stance on actually drawing cards or not for the make fire exploit. I died anyway last night and was never able to even consider using it, for what it's worth. Definitely could come in handy with a low Action deck but you know a critical card is sitting in there like Remember or Bolas.

Personally, I really enjoy finding cleaver things do in games and am usually very careful with the rules as written. Exploit or cleaver strategy is a matter of opinion. Thanks for talking me down though, this fire thing felt like an exploit, but now I'm convinced that it's legit if you put in the time. Maybe doing a few draws every time I pass through in that situation would be worth the extra shot at luck, for example.

I'll double check Frankenstein, it's quite possible I misread the card and was playing wrong. The more I play the more thing I find that I have done wrong, some in my favor and others against. Loving the game so far and exploring the world. I was laughing so hard when I found and used the
card last night while working on VG.
Would love to hear feedback from a moderator/creator on this one as I just noticed this exploit myself. Was this intended by the developers?

If allowed,
I wouldn't bother with the endless shuffling and just take the card(s) I want from the action deck, but that feels too broken. (I play solo.)

Another mild exploit with Victor Frankenstein I've used is:
Have Frankenstein's Monster and the Skill card in hand that gives +2 stars to Rest. At a camp with 0+/2 for Resting, you can repeat over and over and draw any Advanced Skill cards you want. Rather than shuffle and deal 100 times, I just take the cards I want from that deck. Suffice to say, I only did that once and wasn't in love with how the game went, so an easy option for me is to not play that character.

To be more specific, for this you need cards:
A0394 & A0383, both 050 cards for Fortiflore bonus.

A possible fix is to:
Add "The following action can only be taken if there is not a fire figure on your tile." This still allows you to make it once if there is fire resource. You could still save and reset over and over, but imo Saving requires actually packing up the game, so it would be labor intensive and also clears out the whole map, so you can load up on cards and then Hunt or go on a quest.

I may just add this rule myself to avoid breaking the game.