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:flag_curse_sm: The Forgotten Chamber :flag_curse_sm:
A FanMade curse which is... digital !

Hidden in these lands until forgotten, a mysterious secret is buried in a chamber.
To find it is one thing, but will you dare enter it and awaken its secrets?

:icon_succes: Presentation
The Forgotten Chamber is a digital curse. It is playable only via an electronic device, preferably a smartphone.
Just start a game as usual with the device on the table, which will display its own cards.

:icon_succes: Characteristics
- Around digital 60 cards;
- About 8 hours to solve it;
- Required The 7th Continent Collector or Classic Edition;
- Integrated saving system;
- Playable from 1 to 4;

:icon_succes: How to play ?
1. Go to (english version not available yet, see below)
2. Prepare your game and play !
3. Optional: print the curse card

:icon_succes: Can it be played offline ?
Not for the moment.

:icon_succes: Why digital ? Is a paper version possible ?
The curse was designed with digital features, with some non-possible interactions with physical cards.
A paper adaptation is not planned.

:icon_succes: English version ?
The review phase will start soon, anyone can participate with the conditions of:
- being an native english speaker or having a very good English level
- be able to play a game (any number of players) in the next weeks
(review without playing is also possible if you already played with the French version)

Please apply to, so I have all volonteers at same place.

:icon_hand_orange:Make sure to respect the SPOILER tag if you want to share your experience

:icon_curse: Good luck :icon_curse:
:flag_curse_sm: 6/12 :sandglass: 50h
Malédiction FanMade: La Chambre Oubliée :flag_curse_sm:
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Looks lovely!
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