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That is the happiest ending I know about.

The wording of these cards is kind of a mess. The goat says to banish him if you use him, this is one of the only times you have to know that using a a banner counts as "using" a card. Then, to make matters worse, one of the two banner options explicitly says to banish the goat, and if you eat him you banish him as part of the consequence. So, the text that causes you to banish him if you use him only matters to that specific ending, it's redundant in both of the others. What a mess.
Thanks for the pin!
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We're a small, very friendly French and English community. Come chat about 7C, ask rules questions, talk about your fan creations, or just hang out with us. There's nearly always someone online because we have people in several time zones. If you have a rules issue, you can likely get an answer to it immediately.

It's been thriving for a while as a French community, but they've recently expanded their English-language section and given it it's own English-language moderator (me) and we're actively trying to recruit more English speakers. (Right now the English section is mostly just me talking to a bunch of bilingual French guys, which is fun, but it would be great to have more people.)

There's a significant fan creator community, too. We're working on templates, collecting assets and scans, proofreading and translating each other's work... Because of the bilingual nature of this group, it is a great place to go for help with translations, in particular. If you have a fan creation you would like to release in French, definitely come talk to us about it.

So, please: come say hi. Ask your questions. Show off your creations. Socialize with the other half of the 7C community.

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Can anyone identify this font? I think it's also used for the roman numberals for area numbers. I don't think it's one of the ones mentioned in the readme, or in the other threads about fonts.

Working theory is plantagenet cherokee, and I feel pretty good about it, but it'd be nice to have official confirmation.
dill wrote:
It would be useful to also have pure versions of card backgorunds (such as Adventure_front_Item_keyword.jpg or Adventure_front_SideQuest.jpg)

- with no keyword box at the bottom - because many cards not have keywords (items, side quest result)
- with no title banner at the top - because a card may need wider (or even higher) title banner

I hope we don't seem ungrateful requesting all these extra assests :ermm:.
What you have already provided is great, thanks again.

Edit: Also cards without title banner are useful because the banner is sometimes over the graphics of the item or Clue

I'd second the request for fully blank backgrounds with absolutely nothing on them.

I'd also like to second the sentiment that I hope we don't seem ungrateful. It's amazing that you did the fankit at all, and it really is very good already. I'm just really enthusiastic about this, that's all.
A few other missing things:

This banner (we have the bottom half but not the top half. Built into backgrounds, but that's not ideal b/c it has to go overtop a full art card on curses at least.)

This box (also exists as part of a a background, but has to be layered ontop of art on state cards.)

Only one textbox exists in both success and failure versions. The other 4 sizes only seem to exist as one or the other.
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dill wrote:
One more thing: I applied the official card backs in mi mini-expansion and realized that the "Fan Made" logo overlaps the card IDs - it's in the exact same space... It's not a huge issue, but I wanted to let you know.

Yes, I've had a few issues with the fan made logo. I agree 100% with the idea of fan content being marked as fan content, but there's a bunch of little stuff that isn't great about the stamp in the fankit right now:

-It covers the space used for the A0whatever card number.
-It's part of the background and there's no vector version of it, so if you want to put it on top of your art you have to cut it out yourself.
-It's right in the middle of the stars on action cards. It doesn't overlap any, but it still fights for space in a very important corner of the card.
-Lime green doesn't look very good on a lot of the cards, especially the purple ones. In the most extreme cases it can really ruin the look of a card.
-In general it is very "loud." It's pretty big, lime green, has all-caps, attention-grabbing text, a funny face, and look-at-me spikes. Often, it is the most attention-getting part of the card, which is not great given that it's actually one of the least-important parts of the card (it doesn't have any impact on what it does in-game.)

If it were a separate file instead of part of the background, this would all be fixed. People could layer it with their art, position it to avoid the important information on their cards, and tweak it to suit their unique needs. I don't think you have to worry about people not making clear that their cards are fan-made -- it's very clear in the readme that we should make very clear that fan content is fan content, and I don't think anyone has a problem with that. It's just the inflexibility of having it built into the backgrounds that isn't ideal.

I've been working on a set of templates that includes some less-intrusive alternatives for my projects- still clearly marked as Fan Made of course.
Firebird wrote:
brisingre wrote:
A few other things that I would like to see added in the next version:

The Mastery icon (red card diamond.)

other_icon/Bad_news.ai :discard: : is it the file you are looking for ?

Nah, I'd found that.

I'm talking about this icon that appears on Teamwork and some other WGUMCD character cards.

It's called "Mastery." If the number of cards you draw on a check where you have Mastery is less than your Mastery number, you can shuffle away cards from the check instead of discarding them after the check.
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BrunoS wrote:
brisingre wrote:
I'll start this off with a simple one:

Action_back_Clue's English version is misfiled as French.
Action_back_Clue's french version is missing entirely (the nominally-english Clue is in fact a french Curse.)

The English Adventure_Conclusion (THE END) is misfiled as French.
The French Adventure_Conclusion (FIN) is misfiled as English.

Thank you for your feedback. The issues mentioned above have been taken care of.
We'll improve this first version early November with additional icons (for blue / violet banners) among other stuff.
Thank you for your patience!

Thank you for taking the time to make this fan kit for us, and doubly for listening to feedback and continuing to improve it! I love when developers are willing to work with fans. I hope we can continue to work with you on this, to make the best fan kit there ever was.

A few other things that I would like to see added in the next version:

The Mastery icon (red card diamond.) I assume you're planning on adding the other What Goes Up Must Come Down stuff (fog backs, new actions, etc) in an update sometime after the expansions are released, and most of it I don't think I really have a use for until then, but I expect many people will want to use Mastery on their fan characters.

This compass rose thing.

It's on the backgrounds, but it's very JPG-y. We have vector versions of most of the stuff like that, banners and stuff, but not this one which has it the worst. Also, as in this example, you sometimes need it as a seperate layer so it can go overtop of art. Right now I'm working with one I cut out of the corner of the background images and cleaned of JPG artifacts as best I could, but it would be wonderful to have this is a vector.
EDIT: I have found the compass rose thing.

Speaking of which, could the background images in the next version be PNG instead of JPG? JPG has really nasty blocky compression artifacts that make it look grainy in printouts.
I'm definitely interested. I'm working on putting together an unofficial compilation of that sort of thing.
I've begun going through the vector icons, and have discovered a major category of those isn't in the fan kit:

All the banner symbols seem to be missing. That is, anything that goes in a blue or purple banner, i.e, the Rope spiral, the Offering to the Guardians bugsplat. There are so many of these that if I listed them all I'd surely miss some so I'm not going to try right now.

It would also be nice to have the terrain icons:
Plants (Vampolina, Fragonia, Terracokus, Fortiflore)
Animals (Turtle, Penguin, Seagull)
Turquoise Mark
That weird orange tentacle plant thing I don't have a name for.
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I'll start this off with a simple one:

Action_back_Clue's English version is misfiled as French.
Action_back_Clue's french version is missing entirely (the nominally-english Clue is in fact a french Curse.)

The English Adventure_Conclusion (THE END) is misfiled as French.
The French Adventure_Conclusion (FIN) is misfiled as English.
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The Fan Kit has been quietly added to the downloads page.

For the most part, I think it's excellent, but there are definitely some oversights and issues, as is to be expected with the first version of anything.

I'm creating this thread in the hopes that the fan community can gather all their feedback into one place, so it's easy to process.

Edit from Firebird (moderation)
Thank you, Brisinere, for this useful topic.
I edit some details for a better annoncement but you rock. :thumb_up:
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Yeah. You can use it to get a feel for the game, but it's got a few major differences.

Here's what you have to be aware of:

-7C's all about exploration and scale, the PNP is tiny and won't convey that feeling.
-There's a hidden number puzzle that a lot of color printers make almost unreadable. Watch for it!
-There's only one real puzzle in the PNP (the 'turtle note' puzzle) and it's pretty nonsensical. No puzzle in the real game is that confusing, and the ones that come closest aren't required.
-States are just normal numbered cards in the real game, they no longer have a unique back
-Movement rules have changed entirely since the P&P, and the P&P only has two space. It might be better to just say that you can move freely between those spaces, instead of trying to learn the P&P movement rules and then relearn them in the real game
I think the story there is that the demo is quite a bit older than the main game.

They altered the design of puzzles in the main game because people reacted badly to that one.
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BrunoS wrote:
Dear Dill’s,

Thank you for this initiative! :thumb_up:

We look forward to play your fan-made expansion (feel free to send it to us before releasing it if you want our “feedback”).

Just so everybody knows, we are totally open with fan-made content as long as it remains free for all and identified as "non-official fan-made content".

Also, we’ll soon provide (like before the end of next week) a fan-kit including official icons and card backgrounds.



This is the best news I've heard in months! I can't wait to ditch my own templates.

I'm also blown away by the amount of time and work on display here. This fan expansion looks amazing! Inspires me to pursue some of my own more ambitious ideas. I love the design of Book of Idols.

I have a two-person group of pretty experienced players very interested in custom content (working on some of our own.) We'd love to playtest!
Nobody really has "everything" yet. People who backed the second kickstarter have base games but no expansions. People who backed the first kickstarter (a much smaller group) have expansions from that era, but there's a bunch of new expansions in the second kickstarter that nobody has yet. They're expected to deliver early next year.

When that happens, I expect there will be a deluge of complete sets showing up on ebay from people who bought extras to flip and try to make back the cost of their first set. They'll be expensive, probably 1.5x-2.5x the kickstarter price, which wasn't cheap to begin with. But, that's your best shot at getting everything. Perhaps you could wait for some people to tire of the expansions and try to find a used one for cheaper, but you'd have to be both patient and lucky -- in general I would expect prices to go up the longer it remains out of print.
Worth noting that Hungry and Bloody do work like that. They're brown boxes, which means they drop when you take that action, but they don't give you a way to take it. Tired is like Injured, Frightened, or Terrified, it only drops when you take the action on the card, or when instructed to by a card effect. A few rest actions explicitly say they return your tired states, usually those at camps.

Cross-posting the BGG thread here, it has a little more rationale behind the designs if anybody's interested.
Thanks for cleaning that up Firebird.

I've made a new set of proxy images.

John Dolittle's ability's been split up over 3 cards since the last proxies.

He has a new drawback that causes him to take a 750, a new state from the white box expansion.

I made a proxy of a 750 card. I didn't bother making a non :discard: version.

It is possible this isn't totally accurate, but I'm pretty sure.

Speak With Animals is now a (stronger) discount for animals, like a Companion-focused Obey!

Help From My Friends replaces Animal Magnetism, and is also sort of like a Companion-focused Obey! This is the third chunk of his original character ability.

Friends in High Places replaces I Shall Fix It! It lets you peak at, but not interact with, one area's fogs. It's a little pricey without Canteen, free with -- a little combo for him, like many people have.

Veterinary Medicine is his state dropper. It's retemplated but not otherwise changed.

Canteen got an extra star, it now drops Tired among other things.