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When doing the beacon of the night curse, the clue card tells you that there's 3 resources you need to find.
Along with hints on the means to find them.

However, at least one of the 3 resources has
An alternative means of obtaining, in the
350 cards

When taking the action on the clue card, it tells you to banish specific named cards

But the Alternative card is named differently
Gas Can/Half Full Gas Can

Was the intention that if you solve it the "main" way, you banish the card, but if using the alternative card, you don't?

I don't like to use thematic justifications for not following the rules to the letter, but when I don't have the specific named card I'm told to banish, felt I had to wing it.
Argument for banishing: It just means banish the fuel card, obviously.
Argument against: The other can is only half full, there's still some fuel left in this one after filling the lamp!

FWIW I went with what made the game harder, which is my default choice.
I just got into the same situation.

the flavor text of the item is what gave the clue to me - it seems that both items are described as partially full

Thematically, it makes sense to banish as the resource is being used /
loaded into the beacon
Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Rules and Operating Points2 posts