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Orangeyes wrote:
Well, right now a shrinkwrapped version is going for about $324.99 on Ebay. It doesn't have the playmat, notebook, bone dice, or sleeves.

I would add an extra $100 to $150 for the extra material & painted minis.

Where did you find that on ebay? Cheapest i could find with core box + all expansions is US $429.99

Is it available for download anywhare?
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What would you value this:

1 Core Box second edition
1 WGUMCD Expansion box
1 Rokkie/Survivor "Gameplay Bundle" (A bundle including all gameplay expansions"
1 Bone dice & bag
1 7th Continent Playmat
1 Cartographers Notebook
1 Small pack of sleeves 200 sleeves
1 Large pack of sleeves 1400+ sleeves
For now the core box minis are painted, when the rest arrives it will be painted also.
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Country : Sweden
Confirmed adress: Yes, as of 15th of may.
Tracking received? No
Split Shipment: Yes
Pledge-type: Rookie + “Full Gameplay” Bundle, with all the extras(bone dice, playmat, sleeves for all the cards, notebook).
shodgin wrote:
I too am on a boat :/

ideflixable wrote:
The boat may not be fun, but the secret island it's heading towards is worth it--> I'll join.

sshepher1979 wrote:
With so many people on this boat, is there any possibility of accepting a round of late pledges? Any idea how many extra units will be on sale on the website?

papadewald wrote:
Add me to the boat :)

LRM1 wrote:
Go on, keep a cabin for my partner and I too!!

Serious poulp, listen to the people and give them what they want.....

From the faq:

"The project's Kickstarter campaign and late pledge phases have now ended.

We should have copies available, within the limits of available stocks, in the future which will be sold on Serious Poulp’s webstore. "
Yeah i saw that post also about it sticking to another, i have went trou all the cards 5 times looking for it and hoping for it to just be stuck. No luck thou :(
Thanks anyway for the reply!

To my horror i noticed after my first game that i do not have a banished cards divider!
I have mailed the after sales, so i hope i will get a answer soon, as this for me takes away the experience. I cant focus on the game knowing stuff is missing.

My question is, how long will it take until i recive a banished cards divider?

Kind Regards Daniel
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The problem is that SP probably already have told the company how much is needed to get printed. So dont have too high hope.

I think when to PM opens after wave 1 it will just be for adress changes.

So sign up for the newsletter and be ready to camp the site.
I got the e-mail last week!
So hopefully i will get tracking number soon
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Yeah it would be great for the ones that wants it. But i do belivie SP already has told the manufacter how much they need to print, so they in can talk to their suppliers about manufacturing materials.

As its so much to be printed, and they already said that extras will be for sale at their website i would not get my hopes up.

Best bet is to subscribe to the newsletter and be ready when they drop.

Would be sweet ofcourse if SP could tell us how it will be. Maybe they can do a wave 3 for extra orders and for missing/dmg parts, and with that for a higher price then initially for printing one extra wave. Might be to costly thou as i understand it from the updates.
The game seems like it only could be printed in high numbers to get the cost down.
Sorry all, a quote from another thread.

Firebird wrote:
For those who [...] wish to acquire The 7th Continent and its extensions:
  • The game will NOT be re-printed. (except if translated, but not on the agenda)
  • Some boxes from surplus production could be put on sale on this website, once contributors delivered and after-sales service assured.
  • On the second-hand market, you will probably find opportunities to buy a game, even before its delivery you buy the "pledge" of a contributor and wait for his box), the box of a player separating from his copy. Specialized websites and forums exist for these exchanges between people.

I read on the KS page that some people living in France got their copies from meeple!
Thats a nice surprise!
What boat should i track to know when the Swedish delivery is on its way?
When can i expect a mail with delivery info?

Kind regards!
Thanks. Gonna look for info about those.
What are the new game modes?
100+ dollars in shipping would really made me insecure about buying it.
Would be nice with a answer soon, since the first question regarding this situation was 19 hours ago
Got a e-mail today that said the PM is now Open. But no personal link in the e-mail, only a link to the update section on the kickstarter....
Soon its december, any ETA on the Pledge manager?