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Firebird wrote:
HolisticDeveloper wrote:
you'll be able to add all the add-ons when Serious Poulp sets up the pledge manager afterword (this is separate from Kickstarter).

No, you need to pledge 1$ minimum to have access to the pledge manager. So a KS account is needed before the end of the campaign.

Yes, you are right that a KS pledge is required for pledge manager access, but it sounds like OP already has made one -- they just can't sign back in to increase the pledge amount. Maybe I am misreading it though.
Maybe try https://www.kickstarter.com/contact?ref=footer ? If nothing else, you'll be able to add all the add-ons when Serious Poulp sets up the pledge manager afterword (this is separate from Kickstarter).
badgerthebrave wrote:
I found the problem; I have two Splints (A0043):resource_bamboo:

Oh man, now I'm so {:card_pick:100} that I need to go :action_observe: my :card_blue::card_grey::card_green::card_gold:!
There are only 35 -- A0035 through A0069.

Maybe you accidentally mixed in one of the advanced skill cards? Look for the number directly under the blue hand symbol, as shown on p. 6 of the rule book. You could also look at card A0105 as an example.
Yes, exactly.
Update 19 discusses this a bit.

Also, based on Jamie's comments, there will not be an updated player aid or rulebook in the pack given that there are no significant changes.
Looks very cool! What's the best way to give you updates on the English wording?
JoJo wrote:

Vous trouverez ci dessous une photo d'une sauvegarde qui je penses parle d'elle même

I really like the play mat that you are using here. Is it custom made? What material did you use?

Français (Bing Translate):
J’aime beaucoup le tapis de jeu que vous utilisez ici. Personnalisé est-elle faite ? Quel matériel avez-vous utilisé ?
Each character card has the following effect:
:action_condition::action_move: [-1:card_blue:] if you move to a Terrain card where there is an explorer or fire figure.

If you have two characters involved in :action_move: do they both get to apply the bonus, for a total of [-2:card_blue:]?

I saw this in a video playthrough and realized that our group had not been taking advantage of this. It seems perfectly legal within the context of the rules, but I wanted to confirm.
1Zombie7, where did you find the clear bases? Was it difficult to rebase them?
irsirius wrote:
I used the pictures here.

That's helpful, thanks! It's hard to believe the amount of detail that Truliduli was able to get on those resin models.
I'd like to try my hand at painting my character minis. Has anyone seen any character artwork that is larger than what is on the character cards? It would be nice to see a little more detail and coloring...
So, it sounds like in this case, the OP can
return the snake (since he is not bloody) and keep the fish
Firebird wrote:
But why waiting to check the Errata cards list ? You should put a small mark on the back of those cards and read the errata only if you encounter one of them.

Oh, it was just a matter of whether or not I needed to take the time to do it before the session or not. I didn't necessarily want to have my computer nearby but I also didn't want to print out the full errata and see things that I wouldn't reach for a while.

In the end, I did put a tiny sticky note on the back of the affected cards, but I didn't come across any of them while leaving the first island in the Voracious Goddess.

Thank you both for your input!
I'm getting ready to play my first session with a couple friends on Saturday. Is it likely to encounter any of the cards on the errata list in the first 2-3 hours of play -- other than Dimitri's Sixth Sense skill? Just trying to figure out if I should have the list handy or not.