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Hi all,

sorry for an beginners easy question. We just started our first game and I could not find how to proceed with returning cards of the past when resuming a saved game.
Rules say: 1 Return all the cards in the Past to their place in their respective original deck (Adventure or Exploration);
Return: put a card back to its place in its original deck (in the Adventure Deck, sort cards by number and green cards always come before any gold cards bearing the same number).

In case of exploration cards - does returning include to shuffle the deck?
Or are the cards just put at the end of the stack, so that first all cards not yet in play are used at least once?

Thanks in advance,
Hello and welcome ! :-)

It does not matter the order of the cards in the Exploration deck at the time of safe returning because, when you'll put a card into play, you'll have to chose it randomly (with the method of your choice. Generally, shuffling the cards is easier than throwing a dice or to flip a coin).
So :
- you shuffle the cards when return them.
- or you shuffle them up when you draw.
It's up to you. The important thing is that there is no "memory" about the Exploration cards already encountered: you can fall directly on the same as before saving.
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Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Rules and Operating Points3 posts