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CTML (Card & Tile Markup Language) is a descriptive language close to html.
It's meant to describe cards and tiles with bare text so they can be easily modified, translated, rendered, and printed.

Here is an example:

(The terrain element is the top left tomb.)

Here is a small video showing more of its potential:

Most importantly, you'll find an online editor for it here:
It allows the creation of projects (lists of cards) that you can share in read only or admin mode, and that you can print.

This whole project is non-profit, but The 7th Continent visuals are for fan made cards on which it should be specified it's fan made.

This is a very early version, feel free to suggest improvements for your needs!
Also, it only works on Chrome.
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A bug was preventing the editor from showing images ><
It's now fixed.
It was working fine from my computer, so a user had to tell me otherwise I'd never have found about it!

This editor was developed for Chrome and it doesn't seem to work on any other web browser.

Is there any way to have all the available options in one list?

That is, all available "<...>" tags and their possible parameters and variables?

Regarding the map charts, how can I customise the background to be a custom background?

Thank you very much. I find your application amazing.
Is there a way to download it locally or upload it to your own web server?
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