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card 059 has investigation symbol, which leads to card 098
(an old man in the hut)
. There are two options to deal with this
in the game... If you choose
to befriend him, he provides you with some information
(card 153). The latter is put in the "Satchel &Journal" area and shows a symbol with number. I have tried to use this, but without any success. Can anyone provide me a hint for this?
There is a terrain card with features that resemble his cryptic rantings.

Multiplying the number of "teeth" on the card by the number from his hint gives you a hidden number. :card_pick_thumb: (Somewhat unusually, it doesn't check that you actually have the hint -- if you remember it you can skip talking to the old man, or take the other option.)

The terrain card in question can be found in the snowy area north of the jungle.
Thank you, Brisingre. Will be on a lookout! :]
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