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everyone already probably knows - "Serious Poulp" announced that they will be selling "Classic Edition of the 7th Continent" in retail. The biggest difference between those two are '113 extra cards for replayability, randomness and so on'... I'm kinda curious is there a way to distinguish which cards are Kickstarter exclusive and won't be included in retail version of the game?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Kriticizmas,

First, there won't be any retail version, it will only be sold in their website it will never go to retail shops.
Then, to answer your question, I think all the strech goals won't be included. there will be only 3 curses (instead of 5 in the full version), less character as well, everything is explained in their last update. (
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Oh, yeah Wamphyri,

they did explain that it will be sold only through their website/no retail. My bad. :]

Also you probably wanted to say "instead of 4 curses in the full version"...

I remember this Kickstarter info update, however, it still doesn't answer my question - I'm curious are those 113 cards are exploration, adventure, terrain, event, animal. side quest cards... And which ones? So interesting which of the cards they decided not to include in the Classic edition?
Some of these cards are shown in the KS updates, but not all.
So it’s impossible right now to exactly tell you what they are.
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We don't know exactly everything but here is a list of some losses:

-Dark Chest of the Damned curse
-HP Lovecraft and Victor Frankenstein characters (easily the two strongest characters IMO)
-Loads of advanced skills including important ones like Poisoned Weapon
-The Goat (which renders Classic somewhat incompatible with WGUMCD, if a Classic owner wanted to track one down on ebay)
-Minis + Magnifying Glass + third card tray
-"Build your own" character cards
-Hissing Cages (and the animals therein)
Interesting. :] Thank you for your insight and info, Brisingre. Don't mind if anyone else continued expanding the list you started here...

Then, from what Brisingre mentioned, I would consider the biggest loss for new players are Hissing Cages (especially there's one creature I really adore and everyone should meet him :) and after that some Advanced Skill Cards!
What's your favorite creature?

Personally, I think the biggest loss is the characters.

what do you mean by "The Goat (which renders Classic somewhat incompatible with WGUMCD" ? How do you know that?!
P.S. My favorite creature from the hissing cages is the "Rainbow Salamander". The artwork is amazing on that and the ability is pretty cool! :]
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The goat was a kickstarter-exclusive stretch goal, you can see (some) of those on the first kickstarter page, which is where I'm getting this info.

There's a curse in WGUMCD that involves sacrificing the goat as the very first step. It is possible WGUMCD also introduced a second way to get a goat banner, but I don't know about it if so. If not, without a goat banner anywhere in the game, there's no way to start this curse.

I found a salamander one time, but it might not have been that one. I think I, like, hatched mine from a fossil? Do you remember where you find that cage?
So guys, do you think they will make a classic version of "What Goes Up, Must Come Down" expansion as well?!

Sorry, Brisingre, don't rememeber, but if you want I can send/show you a spoiler picture of it. :]
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I doubt it -- if that was planned it would have been announced alongside Classic, when they said that they were reprinting Icy Maze and Forgotten Sanctuary (but not Swamp of Madness or any other expansions.)

Please do send a pic of that cage/the salamander, I'm curious now.
Since they specifically mentioned offering CS and Prodigy Mode (Immortal Mode too?) separately I doubt they'll do another pared down WGUMCD.
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