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Hello team,

I finally received my copy of this fantastic game but unfortunately my pack of sleeves are missing in the box (but appeared on the delivery content page) .

Secondly, both of my main boxes have 2 corners embossed. Because of the heavy load of the package, all the bubbles on the bottom were deflated and the package himself was damaged.

Next time try to put a thicker board box for the package and more bubbles in the bottom at least (or better a high density foam).
Take example in gkoomhaven package 😁 .

So, can you provide me the missing sleeves and eventually replacing at least the black lead of the main box?

Thank you for your understanding.

I can provide you photos with the damages and the failed bubble protection if needed.

Best regards,

Sounds like you should write the after-sales service instead of a forum post no one at the company will see.
I did, thank you. And actually they looked on my post :) but the in french language one :)

Thank you for your answer
Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Equipment and After Sales3 posts