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The card :icon_hand_blue::experience: A0143 Protective cover says
"Whenever you are to lower the durability of an Item, you may lower the durability of this item instead."
Does this mean to we have to use one pip from the item the protective cover is a part of to use this effect?

Meaning we spend 1 pip from the item with the protective cover and then we can replace other pips from other items.

Can a solo player use four pips from the protective cover item to use all of their items?
When you want to spend an Item, you can instead lower the pip of protective cover.
You can do that more then once, so yes remove 4 pips to use four different items for the turn (or just 3 times, to use all other items (not the protective cover one))
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The effect of Protective cover is passive : you don't have to pay -1pip to use its ability.
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Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Card effect3 posts