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If I'm playing with one curse, the rules state to put that curse card, plus the 4 "Death is Lurking" cards into the Action deck. That makes 5 curse cards total.

If I decide to play with two curses, do I still put all 4 "Death is Lurking" cards in, for a total of 6 curse cards? Or do I put in only 3 "Death is Lurking" cards so that there is still a total of 5 curse cards in the Action deck? The rules seem to indicate the former, but I'm not sure whether that was the intention.
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You always put 4 "Death is lurking" cards into the Action deck. Then you add one specific curse card for each curse you want to resolve.
==> The game will be more difficult because of statistics on the Action deck. (and longer : think about your way to optimize the hunting spots.)
==> When you resolve a curse, just follow the instruction on the finish card
that will give you back some energy to continue
. By default, you don't bannish the curse card from your Action deck : the difficulty is set till the end of the game.
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Hello, I arrived to where, I think, finish "The Voracious Goddess" curse but there is nothing saying something like This curse is over/removed. Is the spoiler text you show in the post the finish of the course?
Thank you
You didn't finish the curse.
When you finish a curse, the process looks like this:

-Accomplish whatever the curse wanted from you and take a :card_pick: number
On VG, return to the goddess statue with 2 eyeballs and apply both eyeball banners

-Take a card, called "Victory!". The Victory card says "Congratulations, you have lifted the curse of [name]" and then goes on to give different instructions depending if this is your last curse or if it was just part of an ongoing multi-curse run.
On VG, card 166

-If it was your last curse, you have beaten The 7th Continent -- take a :card_pick: number. This card has some flavor text and the words THE END in giant purple letters.
On VG, card 407

-Otherwise, follow a series of instructions to get rid of the cards involved in your curse and claim a small reward for finishing it.
--- Banish your Clue card and any quest items is fairly standard.
--- Gain 7 XP and heal 30 cards is fairly standard.
--- Do not banish your actual Curse card, it stays in the deck and continues to mess up actions.
--- Many do one other small thing.
For VG, you banish the eyeless version of the Goddess statue card, exposing a yellow version where she has her eyes and her XP sacrifice is a little more efficient, and the Victory card has you return the board and the past to help set this up.
Thank you Brisingre.
Nowadays, I have no idea where to find
the 2 eyeballs for VG
. I'm wandering aimlessly through the 7th Continent.
Would you like a hint?

Have you found the Goddess herself?

Do you remember the vision she gives you?

If the vision doesn't make any sense I can hint further.
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