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JackSpirio wrote:
but if you could add them, there would be the need for a rule.

Mastery has literally only a single sentence devoted to it in the rules, and that one sentence does not cover all of the possible/reasonable interpretations of how they should be applied. Another example of ambiguity which "really should" have been clarified with one more sentence in the rules, can be found in https://the7thcontinent.seriouspoulp.com/en/forum/topic/4312/.
Yes, it's "pretty clear", but it's not 100% unambiguous.
i have come across white action icons with Mastery icons to their left:

i see two different interpretations for those:

1) The action automatically provides/includes Mastery at the given level.

2) The action cannot be attempted unless at least that many levels of Mastery are provided by a character attempting the action.

Which interpretation is correct?
Thank you very much for the citation and translation :).
The rules for Mastery don't address this: when using multiple Mastery effects in a single Action, are the Mastery levels added together or is only the highest one applied?

(FWIW, i assume only the highest is used.)
i'm looking for the pedantic definition of "adjacent" as it regards to Terrain cards. Specifically, i'm using weather effects for the first time, and they rely, in part, in that definition. The definition is normally clear, but there are cases where we need to distinguish between "physical adjacency" and "logical adjacency":

In that photo, the top and bottom cards are logically adjacent but not physically. This is important not just for weather effects, but also for purposes of removing the Paranoid state. It's also not clear whether the distance between those two cards is 1 or 2 (i don't think that actually matters for any case i can think of, but the answer would still be interesting to know).

Opinions are welcomed, but citations for an official ruling are better :).
Arnaud wrote:

Thank you very much! :thumb_up:
Firebird wrote:
A french player asked the same question recently and the author answer him : here

Is there any chance a French speaker could translate that answer from Bruno for us here? i don't speak a word of French and don't trust automated translation tools.
zE2b7l6Wh8Sa wrote:
So, without having actually played the game, it would appear to me that the magic number is 3 characters.

FWIW, that's also my conclusion, for the exact reasons you list.
Ping... is there an official statement on which of the interpretations listed in the first post is the valid one for the case of "... and {-X pips}"? The interpretation which seems most appropriate (#3) contradicts the rulebook (page 17).
TurtleBlue wrote:
Well well thank you for that sheet, very interesting. I am a bit fan of EH, however I am quite surprised by the figures and especially the game over ones. As a matter of facts 2/3 of our lost games are due to lack of mythos cards while I think it is 7% (outta 45%+ if I remember right) on your sheet which is definitely not our experience of that game. Usually we are close to the completion (one clue missing, one unlucly roll on the last turn...). Just wanted to mention it from an EH fan to another ;-)

They're not my stats, but are collected from thousands of plays by many players. However, it's likely only "power players" who submit their plays to that database (i have never contributed there), so the stats may very well be quite skewed.
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EDIT: resolved: the word "enables" in the quoted rule clarifies usage of items as being optional.

Page 21 says:

Using an item enables the player to freely choose to apply some or all of the effects of one or more Item cards it consists of.

Should that really be "any number" (i.e. "zero or more"), or is a player required to use an ability from at least one card in an activated Inventory item? The word "some" may be interpreted as both "one or more" (common usage) or "zero or more" (dictionary definition of "unspecified number").

This question came up over on BGG:

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BrunoS wrote:
I guess we'll have to replace a "will" keyword on card "Wild imagination"...

Since the discard holder is optional (the setup rules say to use it "if you have it"), might it not make sense to simply deprecate the use of its effects, rather than modifying cards (reducing the number of Will cards we have to use with keyword-specific effects)?

FWIW, i don't use the discard holder's effects because Praying has punished me far too often and never rewarded me, so i see no benefit in its use other than for an exploit like the one described in this thread.
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Kornetmuse wrote:
I think this is a "language issue". I mean in french the trap is perfect, they don't mention "arid" because deserted and desert are the same word in french. So the trap is harder to set in english i guess.

So, yes, the hint text is downright wrong in English.
Seagulls don't live in arid places.
This is a bug. If indeed the place with seagulls is the "correct"/intended place for the seed then the seed's English hint text is a downright lie.

Kornetmuse wrote:
Now you've learned and you won't do it again.

The lesson this teaches the player is that time-intensive side quests lead only to doom and destruction, making them completely unattractive.
i consider the current hint text on this seed to be a bug. Seagulls do not live in
places, but a
is an
Firebird wrote:
One of the places has
a necropolis (with dead people inside)
and is a cross-junction between several path.
The other place is
a dead end with no building
. Just some seagulls.
Knowing that, the seconde place match better.

i disagree. First, the dictionary definition of
counts only people, and
are not "people". Secondly, if there are seagulls then that location cannot be
(because seagulls live only near large bodies of water), and the hint specifically says
someplace "arid"

Firebird wrote:
You should be amused by this subtle trap. I was (because I also make the mistake) ! :-)

i spent two full hours working towards that specific spot only to use that item, and when i got there it told me that the hint was, in effect, lying to me. i am not the slighted bit amused.
Kornetmuse wrote:
It's not because there is a match (as perfect as it seems to be) that this is the only/good/better solution...

The solution revealed on BGG by other players is in no way a better match for the given flavor/hint text.

The given text is not merely a "good" match, it's a perfect, 100% unambiguous match. That's what pisses me off about this.
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Unisus wrote:
the necropolis makes it less deserted than desired - the outcome seems to prove this

Ignoring the
altogether (though it's yet another reason which this location is a better possible match for the given hint text than any other place can possibly be), the dictionary definition of
"(of a place) empty of people"
, which is a classic hallmark of a

If the result of the card makes it
less deserted
, the player should not get kicked in the balls for not knowing that in advance - the hint is followed based on what the player knows in advance, and the given hint is a 100% perfect, unambiguous match (and the pun seems to be there to make it a 150% match).

If this were a case where a player needs to expend only 5 or 10 minutes of effort before getting kicked in the balls, i wouldn't be all that upset about it, but it's a case of the hint text telling the player unambiguously where to go and what to do, and then, after the player spends 2 hours getting there and doing it, the game kicks the player in the balls and laughs at him. That's downright evil, and not in a "ha, ha, we got you!" kind of way. It undermines the player's trust in all future hints provided by the game. Every single hint, from this point on, will be viewed as unreliable.
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i just discovered that the forum post snippets shown by this site's search engine apparently reveal text hidden in spoiler tags.

e.g., searching for A0857 reveals a post i just made, and the snippet shown in the search engine reveals text which i carefully spoiler-protected in that post.
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For the first time ever, i feel that 7C has maliciously lied to me, kicked me in the testicles, and laughed at me.

Full details are in this BGG thread:


And i'll summarize here:

card A0857 (#360), otherwise known as the
Mysterious Seed
, tells the user to
plant the seed someplace "truly arid and deserted" which has a symbol matching the one on card 360

Card #
is a 100% perfect, unambiguous match for those instructions, so i
planted the seed there
, but that results (after "waiting" via saving and loading the game) in a card which tells me that i
planted the seed in the wrong place, and then places a horrible monster which blocks off my access to that section of the map

Two users on BGG suggest that there is another location (near where i started my session this evening) which is also a match, but it cannot possibly be a better match for
"arid and deserted" than a necropolis in the desert
. Grrrrrr!!!