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Thank you both for the clarification. I'll go back and look through the manual again, somehow I missed that part.
If the top card of a combined item has a consequence which instructs me to "Return this."...how does that affect the combined item? I know "this" only refers to the card and not the item. But, exactly what should happen with the item?

Does the second-most card in the stack automatically get the die placed on it and become the new top card for the combined item?

If so, is this mentioned in the rules anywhere? I mean, it seems like the rules would work this way...but I can't find it explicitly stated anywhere in the manual.
nintendojunkie wrote:
Yes. The fire miniature only moves if you build a fire someplace else, or if the tile is removed (either by a card effect or by saving the game).

With that in mind, let's say I'm standing on a terrain card and I have already crafted the fire resource:resource_fire:(which is also on the terrain I'm standing on). Then, as a result of some action, I am instructed to replace the terrain card I am standing on with another terrain card. Does the :resource_fire: go out, or does it automatically move to the newly replaced terrain card?

I found this on page 14 of the rule book:
Putting a Terrain card into play does not cause any figures to be moved automatically onto it.

If I'm reading this correctly, the :resource_fire: automatically goes out and I would need to craft another :resource_fire: in order to place the fire resource on the newly replaced terrain card.
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JackSpirio wrote:
Yes, but there are also items which gives you 7s

Meaning there are :icon_d6: cards which give you:7:s and are not the result of an action effect:action_condition:?? Is this something like a passive effect that's applied so long as an item is in your inventory?

Or are you talking about :icon_hand_blue: cards which allow you to apply :7:s to the result step of an action?
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If a :icon_succes_7: is shown on a :icon_d6: card inside of a :action_condition: box...that :icon_succes_7: only adds successes if:

  1. the :icon_d6: is in my inventory
  2. the :icon_d6: was used at the start of my :action_empty: (and shares a :action_condition: with the :action_empty: I'm performing)
  3. one or more of the :card_blue: cards I draw from the action deck contain a :7: on the left column, OR a card from my hand allows me to add a :7: during the result step

am I understanding this correctly?
Thanks so much.
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JackSpirio wrote:
You misused the torch
It‘s not a bonus on each search action, but only for actions which have the exact same blue banner

Thanks for the clarification. That helps tremendously. So, if I'm understanding you correctly: as I play through the game I will come across available actions (on terrain cards, for example) that will have banner icons that match the banner icons on certain inventory items?

Therefore, the only actions upon which the torch banner may be applied are the ones that share the swirl icon on it's banner?
I think I figured it out...page 12 of the rulebook, bullet point #4:

They may add the card to their hand or the hand of another player involved in the action, even if the card exceeds the hand size limit.

So I can add the card I draw to my hand, which puts me over the hand size limit. Then, during the consequence step of the turn my item is crafted at which point it moves from my hand and into my inventory. Lastly, I move to the hand size limit step, at which point I discard if I'm above the limit.

Can someone confirm that I am correctly interpreting the rules around this?
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PersonaFinance61524 wrote:
To my knowledge, that doesn't happen. Have you seen a card that has fewer arrows than the one it replaces?

I think I may have performed an illegal move(s). Here's what happened:

I'm standing on terrain card 009. I have a torch item which has a +9 :flag_blue_sm: for any :action_search: So, I use my torch while performing the :action_search: Since 9 + 013 = 22, I draw the 022 card instead of the 013 card.

Since the 022 card is a permanent event, I attach it to the terrain card I'm standing on so that the permanent event arrow points toward the terrain card I am standing on (still standing on 009). I think this is where I got confused...since the permanent event I just drew (022) needs to attach to the left side of the terrain card I'm on (009), does the exploration card that is currently in that place get returned, or discarded?

Now, the permanent event has a :action_pull: which I perform and succeed at and it instructs me to replace the terrain card I'm standing on (009) with the 024 card.

I did notice this from the rulebook:
If that Adventure card is a Terrain card, the active player must make sure that it fits with each adjacent Terrain card like in a puzzle, and then put new Exploration cards into play (foggy side up) in each free adjacent space to which an arrow on the Terrain card is pointing.

Clearly, if you look at the final image above, you'll see that my resulting new terrain does not fit with the rest of my board "like a puzzle".

What did I do wrong?
Even if the newly placed terrain card doesn't have an arrow pointing toward one of the previously placed exploration card?
Let's say I'm standing on a terrain card with :resource_fire: and 2 attached exploration cards which have not been explored (foggy side is facing up on both). The result of a :action_search: tells me to replace the terrain I'm standing on with a different card. What do I do with the unexplored exploration cards and the :resource_fire:?
Let's say I have a maximum number of allowed skill cards in my hand, and one of those skills allows me to craft an item. I choose to craft the item and in order to do so successfully, I must draw one card from the action deck. I draw said card from the action deck and place it face down on the table. At this point, is the item crafted? I'm asking because if it is not crafted at this point, then when I reveal the card I pulled from the action deck, the item I am in the process of crafting still takes up a spot in my hand, correct?

Assuming the card I drew from the action deck was an item skill, would the correct order be:
  1. reveal the card pulled from the action deck
  2. choose to discard a card from my hand since I am now over my hand size
  3. place my newly crafted item in my inventory

or, would the correct order be:
  1. place my newly crafted item in my inventory because the craft action was successful
  2. reveal the card I drew from the action deck
  3. place the revealed item skill into my hand

In other words, at what stage of crafting an item do I reveal the card I drew from the action deck and at which point do I assess hand size and discard? I hope my question is clear.
It showed up in my set. For what it's worth, my shipment came in on the U.S. container ship and arrived to me about a week ago.
JackSpirio wrote:
1. it works exactly as in the rules described, they just used a example symbol there

so it just gets treated as a banner per the instructions on the player aid card?
I just had my first playthrough and I think I'm beginning to scratch the surface of the rules, but just a few turns in I came across a couple of things that, for the life of me, couldn't find mentioned in the rulebook. Did I somehow miss something completely when I was reading the rules, or are these things not mentioned anywhere at all...?

Firstly, what's the icon here mean? The swirl icon...I can tell it's on a banner and I found the rules regarding banners...but I can't find this icon referenced anywhere in the rules (on the player aid card, the banners show a # symbol, not a swirl icon). Do I just treat this like any other banner, per the rules?

Secondly, what does it mean when I have icons on the border of a box, for skill cards? I know what these icons refer to (fight/cure/heal/etc.) but what does it mean when these icons are on the border of a box on a skill card's face?

Apologies if this stuff is somewhere in the rulebook and I somehow overlooked it I swear I looked through it at least 3 times trying to find the answers...
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If any of the mods here have a look at this:

all I really care about is that the outside of the box is dented...so if it would be easier/less costly for you guys to just send me a new, empty box, I'll gladly take out the contents of the one you sent and mail it back
Some 18 months after backing the 2nd Kickstarter campaign, my reward finally showed up. To say I've been looking forward to receiving my purchase would be an understatement, so you can imagine my disappointment when I opened the package to find my base edition box was quite dented on one corner. The outer packaging that the boxes came in looked pretty rough as well. As much as it pains me to think I would have to further delay getting my reward, is there any way I could return my copy and have a new copy sent to me that's undamaged? I haven't removed the cellophane and all the original packaging is still in the box.