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Interesting question, I would think that you couldn't open a Exploration card from a card that doesn't have an orange arrow. I would have thought that the reason they have 4 arrows in for placement on cards to interact. that's how I would interrupt it.

Regarding moving between two Terrain cards which have no arrows, I would assume based off of one of the cards that is related to the starting small island, around Card No. 10, you cannot move to it, (unless there is a long way round that doesn't cross over Exploration cards), but obviously that's just the way I see it.

I have had to ask a number of questions here myself, but would definitely ask for a proper ruling regarding both these questions.
Again Firebird. Thankyou. This has resolved my issue. And makes perfect sense now. I think it may have been the fact I was up til 2am the other night playing and fatigue set in. Haha. Thankyou again.
Thankyou Firebird. It did answer most of my question.

The only thing I'm unsure of, is, for example: I picked up a Potion card from a search action on a card, and at the bottom it didn't have any key words, but said "durability for using this item doesn't decrease the die."

If the durability isn't decreased when it is used, does the 1 pip still get added to the item stack it's added to?
I just want to seek a little more clarification around this post.
Last night I was playing a found a card that was a 1 pip item, and said on the card at the bottom "durability for using this item doesn't decrease the die.", there was no key words on the item.

(Playing solo), I had 4 slots, of which one slot, had two skill cards with 6 pips, another had three food items with 3 pips, another slot had four cards with 4 pips, and another had three cards with 5 pips.

My question here is, where can I put this card, after I pick it up, based off of the inventory above. So that I'm not losing any abilities from other cards, or pips.

Any also, I might be thinking dumb, but what does "durability for using this item doesn't decrease the die." mean? It has a 1 pip on it, if i used it once, wouldn't it get discarded?
awesome responses explorers! thank you muchly!

CanadianExplorer wrote:
The 7th Continent is also ranked 777 currently on BGG. This doesn't answer your question, but I thought it was interesting.

Ha! That's some what spooky too!
Use a black Sharpie and color over it? im assuming a manufacturing issue.
OnkelZorni wrote:
It's just the other way round.
If you draw a card with a :7: it turns all :icon_succes_7: into :icon_succes: on those items you used inthis action

So, for example,
let's say, i draw, :icon_succes::icon_succes::icon_succes::icon_succes_7:, i have 3 success?
let's say, i draw, :icon_succes::icon_succes::icon_succes::icon_succes_7::7:, i have 4 success?
let's say, i draw, :icon_succes::icon_succes::icon_succes::icon_succes_7::icon_succes_7::icon_succes_7::7:, i have 6 success?
let's say, i draw, :icon_succes::icon_succes::icon_succes::icon_succes_7::7::7::7:, do i have 6 success?
let's say, i draw, :icon_succes::icon_succes::icon_succes::icon_succes_7::icon_succes_7::7::7::7:, do i have 9 success?

i think i too am a little dumb founded by the way the Lucky 7s work, i think i need a visual to have them explained, so if i am wrong with the above, let me know for all us dumbies' piece of mind :)