You have just received a replacement card pack in your delivery and you may be asking yourself what it’s for.

What was the problem again?

At the end of 2017, we reprinted the base box, creating the "Second Edition”.

It turns out that we encountered two distinct problems when we reprinted the cards in this "Second Edition" base box. 

The first problem was colour differences on the back of the Action cards. We had already seen a small variation in shades in the First edition of the game but, unlike the First edition, this time the difference made it possible to identify certain cards - especially the Curse cards - which could be a detriment to your enjoyment of the game.

The second and more serious problem was the size of some cards. A manufacturing error in the card cutting tools caused size differences of up to 1 mm more than the cards in the First edition. This problem could be found when comparing cards from different boxes or sometimes even within the contents of the same box:
- it meant that you could identify the larger cards in the storage boxes;
- it prevented some cards from being sleeved properly as the card protectors were designed for 80mm cards and not 81mm.

What have you done to fix it?

These two problems, especially the difference in card size, led us - together with Panda, the game’s manufacturer – to take the decision to reprint all 962 cards in all the "Second Edition" base boxes and provide them to you free of charge.

As part of this reprint, enhanced quality controls have been put in place to ensure that all cards are the correct size and that colours are as close as possible from one card to another. 

While it is possible that slight nuances may still be visible – unfortunately, this is inevitable in a project such as The 7th Continent – there should no longer be differences that would allow a card, or a particular type of card, to be identified.

The replacement cards pack you have just received corrects and replaces the cards from your second edition box base box, which are now obsolete.

What to do with replacement cards?

You simply need to remove all the cards from your Second Edition base box and replace them with these new cards.

Note: the cards are organised slightly differently than the original set. Of course this has no effect on gameplay.

  • Adventure Cards (green and gold backs) first;
  • “Satchel and Journal”, Character, Save and Clue cards come next
  • Followed by the Action cards (blue backs)
  • Finally, the Exploration cards (grey backs).